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That this election is profoundly important for positive and negative reasons. The negative reasons are clear we knew what senator bites. And last night I'm trying to think of what the society. And an electrician instead of at a mere violence and who's responsible and no normal like kind of stuff. Here's what I know. That I learned from Nelson Mandela. Who was my friend. For more than twenty years until they die he serve his entire term with me. And as all of you know he was imprisoned for 27 years he was brutalized the on our horrible. Horrible. Com didn't get this news children grow up in ruined his marriage at the start all over again. And her broker's help. So. One day when we really got to know each other I said. You know it was really. Smart a view to invite your jailers to your inaugural race. Smart of you to be kind,cheap jordans. To the political parties and actually puts her in prison. But now telling the truth and let's founded into pay them all over again. And here's what an analysis. He says he has briefly I did. Because I thought all and I lost. And he says I also hated him for the first eleven years I was improve. Every single die. Had to go out and bright rocks. And I lived there fourteen by fourteen cell and I hated them,cheap jordans cheap jordans online Decision loomin. And one day I realize all they had already taken from me. And that they can take it all they could kill me without a second thought nothing would ever happen. I realize they could take everything for me,cheap jordan shoes. Except my mind. And my heart to those things I would have to give away. And I decided not to give them what Anthony looked at me that matters to you. Notice it's news. And if you think about it. Every single die of our lives forget about Donald Trump every single die of our lives if we are not careful,cheap jordans. We give away just a little smidgen of arm around her heart. When we looked down other people feel hostile. Think that our differences are more important than our common humanity.

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