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Sss-0907.mp3 17:54:36ICRNorthern LightsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0905.mp3 17:54:59ICRThe Coral ReefScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0906.mp3 17:54:47ICRSupposed Scientific ErrorsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:45 18S11
Sss-0904.mp3 17:55:15ICRCometsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:44 18S11
Sss-0922.mp3 17:51:46ICRRefuting Evolution, Part 1Science, Scripture, & Salvation
Sss-0924.mp3 17:51:23ICREducational InfluencesScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:01:06256S44
Sss-0921.mp3 17:51:58ICRRefuting Evolution, Part 2Science, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0925.mp3 18:26:15ICRThe Ice AgeScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:45 18S11
Sss-0751.mp3 21:48:57ICRSalmon & the CreatorScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:49 18S11
Sss-0748.mp3 21:48:23ICRNeanderthalsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:52 18S11
Sss-0750.mp3 21:48:46ICRAutum & the CreatorScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:55 18S11
Sss-0747.mp3 21:48:12ICRBack to SchoolScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:53 18S11
Sss-0749.mp3 21:48:35ICRA Bug's LifeScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0851.mp3 22:07:51ICREx NihiloScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:42 18S11
Sss-0850.mp3 22:07:39ICRCreation in the Public SchoolsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:41 18S11
Sss-0849.mp3 22:07:28ICRPlate TectonicsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:49 18S11
Sss-0848.mp3 22:07:17ICRMathematics of CreationScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:44 18S11
Sss-0847.mp3 22:07:06ICRA Pre-Flood Canopy?Science, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:45 18S11
Sss-0818.mp3 22:01:38ICRArchaeology & the BibleScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0817.mp3 22:01:26ICRLife On MarsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0820.mp3 22:02:00ICRGenome UpdateScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0819.mp3 22:01:49ICREndangered SpeciesScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:42 18S11
Sss-0821.mp3 22:02:11ICRLittle Change, Big ChangeScience, Scripture, & Salvation
Sss-0927.mp3 18:26:38ICRHeart DesignScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0857.mp3 22:08:59ICRExtraterresrialsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:51 18S11
Sss-0901.mp3 17:55:49ICRThe Many DimensionsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0929.mp3 18:27:00ICRSearch for Noah's Ark: 2Science, Scripture, & Salvation0:02:13128M44
Sss-0714.mp3 21:41:58ICRThe Link Between Abortion, CreScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:42 18S11
Sss-0936.mp3 18:28:26ICRTitanic and Noah's ArkScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0712.mp3 21:41:36ICRThe Problem of EvilScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:42 18S11
Sss-0859.mp3 22:09:22ICRThe Allosaurus FindScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0739.mp3 21:46:40ICRThe Human Nervous System & theScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:39 18S11
Sss-0926.mp3 18:26:26ICRThe Immune SystemScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:45 18S11
Sss-0742.mp3 21:47:15ICRThe Human Skeletal System & thScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:44 18S11
Sss-0902.mp3 17:55:38ICRRotation of the EarthScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0899.mp3 17:56:12ICRFrom Scales to FeathersScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:44 18S11
Sss-0841.mp3 22:05:58ICRMyth #7: That the Big Bang HasScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0890.mp3 17:57:58ICRWhat is Progressive CreationisScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0934.mp3 18:27:59ICRFibonacci NumbersScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0715.mp3 21:42:09ICRGenome Project - Revealing OurScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:43 18S11
Sss-0858.mp3 22:09:11ICROrigin of the RacesScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:48 18S11
Sss-0713.mp3 21:41:47ICRThe Plants and Animals of theScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:42 18S11
Sss-0886.mp3 22:14:29ICRBible BeastsScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0911.mp3 17:53:51ICRNo FearScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:46 18S11
Sss-0716.mp3 21:42:21ICROrigin of LifeScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:48 18S11
Sss-0740.mp3 21:46:52ICRThe Human Immune Sytem & the CScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:43 18S11
Sss-0910.mp3 17:54:02ICRDid Life Come from Outer SpaceScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0909.mp3 17:54:14ICREarth's CoreScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:43 18S11
Sss-0900.mp3 17:56:00ICRPangaeaScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11
Sss-0903.mp3 17:55:26ICRThe Milky WayScience, Scripture, & Salvation0:15:47 18S11