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06-disillusion.mp3 4.803.11.10 15:46:45Badly Drawn BoyDisillusion2000Live Vancouver 14th Nov 2000ww.itcamefromtheunde0:05:00128S44
13-i Need A Sign.mp3 5.303.10.08 18:43:39Badly Drawn BoyI Need A Sign (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:25160S44
AAB Session WithJo Whiley Part 2.MP3 7.303.10.08 19:06:47New ArtistAAB session withJo Whiley PartNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:06:05160S44
111-donna And Blitzen.mp3 6.403.07.19 14:58:48Badly Drawn BoyDonna And Blitzen2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:27192S44
114-let The Sunshine In.mp3 4.903.07.19 15:07:58Badly Drawn BoyLet The Sunshine In2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:26192S44
108-jewel Thief (interlude).mp3 14:47:06Badly Drawn BoyJewel Thief (Interlude)2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:00:49192S44
HOTB Session With Jo Whiley Parts 112.703.10.08 19:17:15New ArtistHOTB session with Jo Whiley paNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:10:39160S44
110-something To Talk About.mp3 7.303.07.19 14:55:15Badly Drawn BoySomething To Talk About2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:05:05192S44
203-a Minor Incident.mp3 15:20:16Badly Drawn BoyA Minor Incident2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:34192S44
104-what Is It Now.mp3 14:35:00Badly Drawn BoyWhat Is It Now2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:15192S44
08-once Around The Block.mp3 4.903.11.10 15:53:29Badly Drawn BoyOnce Around The Block2000Live Vancouver 14th Nov 2000ww.itcamefromtheunde0:05:12128S44
07-black And White Dream.mp3 3.503.10.08 18:32:28Badly Drawn BoyBlack And White Dream (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
113-above You Below Me.mp3 5.403.07.19 15:05:11Badly Drawn BoyAbove You Below Me2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:48192S44
207-born Again.mp3 7.603.07.19 15:35:44Badly Drawn BoyBorn Again2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:05:20192S44
04-everybodys Stalking.mp3 4.403.11.10 15:41:48Badly Drawn BoyEverybodys Stalking2000Live Vancouver 14th Nov 2000ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:41128S44
112-cause A Rockslide.mp3 5.903.07.19 15:02:09Badly Drawn BoyCause A Rockslide2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:09192S44
03-disillusion (instrumental).mp3 1.703.10.08 18:23:47Badly Drawn BoyDisillusion (Instrumental Demo2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
101-intro (tickets To What You Need) 4.503.07.19 14:25:13Badly Drawn BoyIntro (Tickets To What You Nee2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:09192S44
216-pissing In The Wind (incomplete) 16:09:58Badly Drawn BoyPissing In The Wind (Incomplet2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:02:07192S44
Radio 1 Live In Manchester Part 1.MP 5.503.10.08 20:08:44New ArtistRadio 1 live in Machester partNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:36160S44
202-once Around The Block.mp3 15:17:23Badly Drawn BoyOnce Around The Block2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:05:00192S44
18-everybodys Stalking.mp3 5.603.10.08 18:54:47Badly Drawn BoyEverybodys Stalking (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
12-intro.mp3 0.703.10.08 18:38:55Badly Drawn BoyIntro (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
Lamacq Live HOTB.MP317.603.10.08 19:59:53New ArtistLamacq Live HOTBNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:14:44160S44
10-i Love You All (andy Votel Remix) 18:36:42Badly Drawn BoyI Love You All (Andy Votel Rem2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:32 80S22
106-everybodys Stalking.mp310.503.07.19 14:43:56Badly Drawn BoyEverybodys Stalking2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:07:19192S44
19-ice Skating.mp3 18:55:58Badly Drawn BoyIce Skating (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
201-the Shining.mp3 9.703.07.19 15:13:24Badly Drawn BoyThe Shining2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:06:47192S44
Radio 1 Live In Manchester Part 2.MP33.603.10.08 19:39:24New ArtistRadio 1 live in Manchester parNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:28:02160S44
210-thunder Road.mp3 15:49:26Badly Drawn BoyThunder Road2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:53192S44
11-hungarian Folk Tune.mp3 18:38:26Badly Drawn BoyHungarian Folk Tune (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
213-walking Out Of Stride.mp3 1.603.07.19 16:00:40Badly Drawn BoyWalking Out Of Stride2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:01:09192S44
05-another Pearl.mp3 3.803.11.10 15:44:00Badly Drawn BoyAnother Pearl2000Live Vancouver 14th Nov 2000ww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:58128S44
206-have You Fed The Fish.mp3 7.403.07.19 15:31:28Badly Drawn BoyHave You Fed The Fish2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:05:10192S44
04-disillusion.mp3 18:26:15Badly Drawn BoyDisillusion (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde0:08:35 64S22
103-40 Days 40 Fights (take 2).mp3 6.603.07.19 14:31:37Badly Drawn Boy40 Days 40 Fights (Take 2)2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:35192S44
204-last Fruit.mp3 4.803.07.19 15:22:58Badly Drawn BoyLast Fruit2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:03:22192S44
Evening Session Chat.MP3 5.503.10.08 19:09:57New ArtistEvening session chatNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:36160S44
17-soul Attitude.mp3 4.403.10.08 18:51:34Badly Drawn BoySoul Attitude (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
16-air Biscuit.mp3 0.903.10.08 18:48:59Badly Drawn BoyAir Biscuit (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde0:00:29256M44
07-pissing In The Wind.mp3 6.703.11.10 15:50:38Badly Drawn BoyPissing In The Wind2000Live Vancouver 14th Nov 2000ww.itcamefromtheunde0:07:00128S44
209-you Were Right.mp3 9.903.07.19 18:02:38Badly Drawn BoyYou Were Right2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:06:54192S44
208-i Was Wrong.mp3 15:39:40Badly Drawn BoyI Was Wrong2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:53192S44
Mercury Music Award Part 1.MP3 5.403.10.08 20:03:00New ArtistMercury Music Award Part 1New Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:04:31160S44
14-meet On The Horizon.mp3 2.503.10.08 18:45:06Badly Drawn BoyMeet On The Horizon (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde
215-talking Interlude.mp3 2.503.07.19 16:08:11Badly Drawn BoyTalking Interlude2002Live,The Fillmore 5th Nov 2002ww.itcamefromtheunde0:01:44192S44
HYFTF Session.MP318.003.10.08 19:49:46New ArtistHYFTF sessionNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:15:04160S44
AAB Session With Jo Whiley Part 1.MP11.503.10.08 19:02:36New ArtistAAB session with Jo Whiley ParNew Titleww.itcamefromtheunde0:09:39160S44
02-say You Love Me.mp3 18:22:44Badly Drawn BoySay You Love Me (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde0:12:32 32M22
15-road Movie.mp3 5.803.10.08 18:48:27Badly Drawn BoyRoad Movie (Demo)2001The Demo Tapesww.itcamefromtheunde