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03Didanybodytell.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:14:51Ernie WylieTrack 03Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
10Crazy.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:25:58Ernie WylieTrack 10Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
Anne_Wylie-The_Black_Rogue.mp3 0.900.07.19 13:12:430:01:00128S44
12Blessedassurance.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:48:43Ernie WylieTrack 12Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
03_Track_3-Wylie.mp3 3.599.09.07 07:40:170:03:43128S44
05Idliketosing.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:31:48Ernie WylieTrack 05Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
09Whydontcha.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:09:15Ernie WylieTrack 09Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
04Nowsometimes.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:20:30Ernie WylieTrack 04Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
01_Track_1-Wylie.mp3 6.699.09.07 07:03:340:06:53128S44
02Onlythelonely.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:03:48Ernie WylieTrack 02Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
PRELUDE.MP310.001.06.04 05:46:33Katie Wylie, flute; Louise CostiPrelude a l'Apres-midi d'une F2001From "Concert in The Hall"Record0:10:27128S44
Wylie.mp3 1.502.05.29 20:51:26Suzi WylieNel Cor Piu non mi Sento2002May 28, 2002 Noon Recital0:01:35128S44
Anne_Wylie-The_Black_Rogue.mp3 0.900.07.19 13:12:430:01:00128S44
06Longgone.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:43:06Ernie WylieTrack 06Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
01Heymister.mp3 0.902.06.15 10:52:31Ernie WylieTrack 01Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
07Dearson.mp3 0.902.06.15 10:58:12Ernie WylieTrack 07Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
02_Track_2-Wylie.mp3 4.599.09.07 07:26:060:04:44128S44
11Toodeep.mp3 0.902.06.15 11:37:23Ernie WylieTrack 11Snapshot - short0:01:15 96S44
PRELUDE.MP310.001.05.01 06:12:18Katie Wylie, flute; Louise CostiPrelude a l'Apres-midi d'une F2001From "Concert in The Hall"Record0:10:27128S44
Without You.mp3 22:38:38Wylie & the Wild West ShowWithout YouParadise0:01:10128S44
Yodel Boogie.mp3 22:42:52Wylie & the Wild West ShowYodel BoogieParadise0:01:10128S44
EricWylieDemo_128.mp3 0.903.11.05 03:06:45Eric Wylie Demo0:00:56128S44
02Uisce.mp3 0.501.10.10 07:55:18Anne WylieUisce2001ONE AND TWO0:01:11 64S22
03TamGlen.mp3 0.501.10.10 07:55:22Anne WylieTam Glen2001ONE AND TWO0:01:14 64S22
04OneNTwo.mp3 0.601.10.10 07:55:27Anne WylieOne'n TwoONE AND TWO0:01:19 64S22
06Samhradh.mp3 0.701.10.10 07:55:36Anne WylieSamhradh, Samhradh2001ONE AND TWO0:01:29 64S22
05FishermansWife.mp3 0.601.10.10 07:55:33Anne WylieFisherman`s Wife2001ONE AND TWO0:01:25 64S22
01Si_do.mp3 0.501.10.10 07:55:16Anne WylieS do Mhaimeo2001ONE AND TWO0:01:12 64S22
The Gal Who Invented Kissin'.mp3 22:41:26Wylie & the Wild West ShowThe Gal Who Invented Kissin'Paradise0:01:10128S44
04.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:15:50WylieTrack 04Album0:00:50128S44
16.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:22:36WylieTrack 16Album0:00:50128S44
14.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:21:24WylieTrack 14Album0:00:50128S44
I'm Gonna Be A Cowboy.mp3 23:04:32Wylie & the Wild West ShowI'm Gonna Be A CowboyGet Wild0:01:10128S44
When I'm Ridin' I'm Right.mp3 22:38:06Wylie & the Wild West ShowWhen I'm Ridin' I'm RightParadise0:01:10128S44
Hey Maria.mp3 23:02:00Wylie & the Wild West ShowHey MariaGet Wild0:01:10128S44
Jesus Loves Me.mp3 23:10:32Wylie & the Wild West ShowJesus loves MeGet Wild0:01:10128S44
Wylie.mp3 3.303.07.01 15:57:27www.canpictures.comwww.soundhous
02.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:14:46WylieTrack 02Album0:00:50128S44
Swinging On A Star.mp3 22:36:06Wylie & the Wild West ShowSwinging on a StarParadise0:01:10128S44
05.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:16:24WylieTrack 05Album0:00:50128S44
07.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:17:34WylieTrack 07Album0:00:50128S44
Saddle Bum.mp3 22:35:30Wylie & the Wild West ShowSaddle BumParadise0:01:10128S44
03.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:15:12WylieTrack 03Album0:00:50128S44
Shakin' The Blues.mp3 23:09:02Wylie & the Wild West ShowShakin' The BluesGet Wild0:01:10128S44
Girl From The North Country.mp3 22:42:04Wylie & the Wild West ShowGirl from the North CountryParadise0:01:10128S44
Whoop-Up Trail.mp3 22:36:46Wylie & the Wild West ShowWhoop-Up TrailParadise0:01:10128S44
Honeydew.mp3 23:07:36Wylie & the Wild West ShowHoneydewGet Wild0:01:10128S44
Ray Wylie Hubbard-Screw You We're Fr 2.904.03.23 21:53:25Ray Waylie HubbardScrew You, We're From TexasGrowl
12.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:20:12WylieTrack 12Album0:00:50128S44
01.mp3 0.804.01.10 18:14:12WylieTrack 01Album0:00:50128S44