Mission 1: Secrets
Mission 1: Apostle statuettes
Mission 2: Step by step guide
1. Read the diary at the musicians camp.
2. Use the pot hole in the handyman's court to reach the silver arrows
in the tower and kill the werewolf.
3. Read the handyman's diary in his hut and find his hidden rope
arrows in the ditch wall, then climb up to the wooden tower.
4. This well is your way into the castle.
5. You can get out from the crypt under the grate.
6. Find and read the caretaker's letter in his room above.
7. Find and read lady Isabelle's diary in his bedroom.
8. Find the Holy water in the clock in the Dining Room (must be on 12).
9. Use Holy water on the corpse to destroy the ghost in the crypt.
10. Take the cell key from Dracula's tomb.
11. Take Lucy out from the cell to your starting point.
12. You need to find the main castle door key, 
follow this route to reach it.