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Another three months and another loan later, she was growing and selling maize, and had made enough money to pay off the second loan and build a house for her family. She could have been destined for a life of poverty and hopelessness due to circumstances of birth and gender, and yet, in just six months,cheap jordans 1, Marie Claire rewrote her own destiny.

The most powerful part of her story was the sense of pride she conveyed, with tears in her eyes, as she talked about being able to feed her children, house her family,cheap jordans 1, and become a respected member of her community. As a woman.

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty. Women make up just 10% of the world`s income even though they do 66% of the world`s work. And 60% of people affected by chronic hunger are women and girls. That is a work force, an intelligence source, and a catalyst for change that is being held down and not being utilized.

So when

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