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the original so many souvenirs!
SOLE: You had someone offer to buy your collection yet?
Mao Dai: This is definitely it, play around many of Favorites group of friends often ask me for advice whether it can transfer some of the collection to them, I am very sorry to tell them that I do not sell collections, after all, is a collection of every piece of the collection easy, really want to have them.
SOLE: your favorite Jordan on many types of goods, shoes, shirts, hats, portraits and even food and so on, why you do not like the other collectors, select only one but chose to carry out collection of so many types?
Dai Mao: that Jordan is really too love! Haha! About Jordan endorsement of the 1980s and 1990s related memorabilia are my chasing the object slightly.
As long as I did not see the collections will be favorites, like upperdeck football card, coins, dolls model, Chevrolet endorsement posters, underwear HANNES is, wilsons limited edition basketball championship shirts 90s champion,
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