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7.7 Discussion Questions


Architectures beget the teams that build the modules that compose the architectures. The architectural structure usually reflected in the teams is modular decomposition. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of basing teams around components of some of the other common architectural structures, such as process?


ADD provides one method for "chunking" requirements. Architectural drivers are satisfied and other requirements have to be satisfied in the context of the design developed for the drivers. What other chunking methods are there for a decomposition design strategy? Why can't all requirements be satisfied with a single decomposition?


What other techniques can you think of for creating an initial version of a software or system architecture. How do these techniques address functional, business, and quality attribute requirements?


How does ADD compare to an ad hoc approach to design in terms of the outputs and the time and resources required to run the method? When would ADD be appropriate and when would ad hoc design be appropriate?

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