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3.1 How to Use This Chapter

When researching a command in this chapter:

  1. Check the platform support table.

  2. Read the section on SQL2003 syntax and description even if you are looking for a specific platform implementation.

  3. Finally, read the specific platform implementation information.

Any common features between the platform implementations of a command are discussed and compared against the SQL2003 topic. Thus, the subsection on a platform's implementation of a particular command may not describe every aspect of that command, since some of its details may be covered in the SQL2003 section. Please note that if there is a keyword that appears in a command syntax but not in its keyword description, this is because we chose not to repeat descriptions that appear under the ANSI entry.

If you skip straight to a platform implementation and do not see a discussion of a keyword or clause that you are interested in, that means it is described (in common across all supporting platforms) under the SQL2003 entry of the command.

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