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 Hozzászólás témája: Elektromos repülőmodell verseny!
HozzászólásElküldve: 2011 júl. 26. - 11:56 

Csatlakozott: 2016 márc. 06. - 18:14
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HozzászólásElküldve: 2011 júl. 27. - 10:11 

Csatlakozott: 2016 márc. 06. - 18:14
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Kedves antikosok! Ezúton teszem közzé a már évek óta folyó
TOMBOY RALLY kiírását.

We wish to present this competition to all the lovers of this nice
model with the only aim of having fun in a postal contest which is
organized to provide some fun flying together or at the same
time as are all postal contests. The Tomboy Rally wants to prove
the performance of this model alongwith the ability of the
builder and pilot, without reaching the peak agonism of usual
contests and only wishing to fly the model having fun in a relaxed
manner. After having carried out some tests we have decided to
admit the use of i.c. engines and electric motors trying to reduce
the gap between them.


-The 36” wing span as per plan model is admitted;
-Model may be fitted with floats as per plan
-no minimum weight;
-reinforcement or lightening of the structure with respect

of the basic outline of the original model are admitted;
-materials to be used are those found on the plan;
-plastic covering in place of tissue, silk or other is

-More than one person can use same model;
-Same model can flight in L.G. or float version;
-Lone fliers can self launch an time


I.c. engines and electric motors are admitted within the following
I.C. Engines:
-Any engine with 1 cc. maximum displacement;
-Fuel tank : 3 cc.
-R/C carburettor is admitted.

Electric Motors:
-Any electric motor is admitted with direct drive
-The engine cannot be stopped and started again: the motor

must run continually without interruptions till the end of
the battery charge or competitor’s decision;
-no folding prop is admitted; if a folding prop is used the
blades must be held open with a rubber band;
-freely assembled admitted batteries:

-350 Mah 2 cell LiPo
-350 Mah 6 cells Nicad or NiMh;
-separated batteries pack for Rx alimentation is allowed

Flights and results

-Each competitor may fly as many flights as wished
during the admitted period but only the best flight will
be considered for the final result.

-Hand launches are admitted.

-The flight time start when the model is released or
takes off. The flight time ends when the model lands
or hits a fixed obstacle. In case the model flies out of
sight the timekeeper will time for 10 seconds after
losing sight of the model . Timing will continue if model
is seen again or stopped after 10” deducting this time
from the total time of the flight.

Awards :

A diploma for all competitors and prizes for the first three.
Special prize for best flight in float version.


Results, address, photos and technical specification about model
must be forwarded to the Organization within the 15th June 2012
to Curzio Santoni ( or to Gianfranco Lusso ( ). Many pleasant flights and happy landings to ALL


SAM 2001 have scheduled an extra Diploma that will be awarded
to the best flight in Tomboy floatplane version taking off from
water. The Editor will send to the winner a Diploma signed By
SAM 2001 President and a bottle of special Italian Wine to drink
to Vic Smeed!
Good ROW and fligth


Pieter Moerkerken
Australia 24’12
Gino Ursicino Italia 35’20”
Ugo Baldari Italia 47’02”

01/06/2011 – 31/05/2012

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