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Mark Hollis Discography

Release Date: 01-08-1999
Last Update:  10-05-2004

Author & maintainer: Ferenc Rozsa


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::: Discographical Formats, Abbreviations & Definitions ::::::::::::::::::::::

Discographical formats & abbreviations:

 	 7": vinyl 7-inch single or flexi disc (45 rpm)
	10": vinyl 10-inch single (45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm)
	12": vinyl 12-inch single, maxi-single (45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm)
         EP: extended play single (vinyl, cassette, video or CD)
       7"EP: vinyl 7-inch extended play single (45 rpm)
      10"EP: vinyl 10-inch extended play single (45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm)
      12"EP: vinyl 12-inch extended play single (45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm)
	MLP: vinyl mini-album, mini-LP (33 1/3 rpm) (This could be
	     confused at times with the 12" extended-play single.)
         LP: vinyl long player album, full-length record (33 1/3 rpm)
         PD: vinyl picture disc LP, vinyl shaped picture disc LP
       7"PD: vinyl 7" (shaped) picture disc single or EP
      10"PD: vinyl 10" (shaped) picture disc single or EP
      12"PD: vinyl 12" (shaped) picture disc single or EP
      flexi: 7-inch flexi-disc, stamped flexibile sound sheet, one-sided
      	     freebies mostly given away by magazines, at concerts or free
	     with single or LP releases.

         CS: audiocassette album or mini-album (aka MC = music cassette)
        CSS: audiocassette single, maxi-single or EP
        DAT: Digital Audio Tape
        DCC: Digital Compact Cassette
	 8T: 8-track cartridge

         MD: MiniDisc (digital magneto-optical)
         CD: Compact Disc album or mini-album (Compact Disc Digital Audio)
        CD3: 3-inch Compact Disc single or EP, mini CD
        CD5: 5-inch Compact Disc single or EP
        ECD: Enhanced Compact Disc album (CD format audio + CD-ROM)
       ECD5: 5-inch Enhanced Compact Disc single (CD-format audio + CD-ROM)
       CD+G: CD+Graphics (CD format audio + graphics)
       CD-R: Compact Disc Digital Audio Recordable, Compact Disc Recordable
       	     or CD-R acetate, reference disc, test pressing. Usually the
	     CD-R equivalent of an acetate. It often has basic company
	     information on it, production number, date of recoding etc.
	     Obviously very limited copies pressed so collectable artist
	     reference discs can be very rare and expensive.
      CD3-R: 3-inch Compact Disc (Digital Audio) Recordable, mini CD-R
      CD-RW: Compact Disc Digital Audio ReWritable, Compact Disc ReWritable
     CD3-RW: 3-inch Compact Disc (Digital Audio) ReWritable, mini CD-RW
     CD-ROM: CD Read Only Memory, data-only CD-ROM
       SACD: Super Audio CD (SACD or "hybrid" SACD format/CD format audio)
       HDCD: High Definition Compatible Digital audio format disc
       XRCD: Extended Resolution CD
       MPEG: Motion Pictures Expert Group
  	MP3: MPEG Layer 3 encoded audio (download-only) format
        VQF: Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization
             audio download-only format (TwinVQ for short, VQF for shorter)

        VHS: Video Home System format videocassette
        PAL: Phase Alternating Line video format (Europe)
       NTSC: National Television Standards Committee video format (USA, Japan)
      SECAM: Sequentiel Coleur Avec Memoire video format/TV system (France)
       Beta: Beta-format videocassette
        VHD: 10.2-inch Video High Density old stylus-based video disc format
        AHD: 10.2-inch Audio High Density old stylus-based audio disc format
        CED: 12-inch CED VideoDisc, RCA VideoDisc, RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc
      (CED): Capacitance Electronic Disc System
      12"DV: 12-inch MCA DiscoVision disc (pre LaserVision Disc) (analog sound)
      12"LV: 12-inch LaserVision Disc (analog sound)
      12"LD: 12-inch LaserDisc or CD Video (digital sound)
       8"LD: 8-inch LaserDisc or CD Video (digital sound)
        CDV: 5-inch CD Video disc (CD-format audio + separate LaserDisc video)
	VSD: 5-inch Video Single Disc (Japan-only LD video format similar to CDV)
        CVD: China Video Disc (variable birate MPEG-2 encoded video format)
        VCD: VideoCD (MPEG1-encoded video content) (Compact Disc Digital Video)
       DVCD: Double Video CD
       AVCD: Audio-VideoCD (VideoCD format video + CD format audio)
       SVCD: Super Video CD (MPEG-2 encoded video format)
	DVD: Digital Versatile Disc (DVD format video and/or audio and/or ROM)
      DVD-V: Digital Versatile Disc Video (DVD-Video album, single, EP, movie)
      DVD-A: Digital Versatile Disc Audio (DVD-Audio album, single or EP)
       DVD+: Digital Versatile Disc Plus video/audio format + CD audio format
      DVD-R: Digital Versatile Disc Recordable
      DVD+R: Digital Versatile Disc Recordable
     DVD-RW: Digital Versatile Disc ReWritable
     DVD+RW: Digital Versatile Disc ReWritable
    DVD-RAM: DVD Read Access Memory rewritable DVD format
    DVD-ROM: DVD Read Only Memory, data-only DVD-ROM
       DivX: MPEG-4 encoded Digital Video Express encoding technology
	DTS: Digital Theater Surround

	DMM: Direct Metal Mastering
     	Box: boxed set
	n/a: not applicable
	v/a: various artists
	slv: sleeve
    p/s, ps: picture sleeve
	 jc: jewel case
	sjc: slimline jewel case
    ltd edn: limited edition
     	 wl: vinyl white-label promo or test pressing release
	 tp: test pressing


 test press: Vinyl test pressing release, this is usually made for the record
      	     company to decide if everything is OK with the pressing - like
	     it says - it's a test pressing. Sometimes a company will press
	     extra copies and use it for promotional use. (White labels are
	     literally the same as test pressings).

    acetate: This is pressed in very small quantities and is actually a metal
    	     sheet covered in acetate material. It is made for the producer/
	     artist/record company to have a listen before they make a test
	     pressing. It can only be played a few times before it wears out
	     - but because it is so limited, can be very expensive for
	     collectable artists.

      promo: Promotional release "Not For Sale" & "For Promotional Use Only"
	     Usually sent out to places where it would be an advantage for
	     the artist/group to be seen or heard, i.e. radio stations, DJs,
	     magazines and news papers, etc.

       demo: This is a cross between a test pressing and a promo and is
       	     usually used for promotional use. Not commercially available.

studio tape: The use of the studio tapes are purely internal to studios,
             use these working tapes for testing different mixes or level
	     of sounds, etc. Not commercially available. This could may be
	     confused at using with demo tapes.

 radio show: A release specially recorded for radio airplay.

    bootleg: Unauthorized & unofficial release of previously unreleased
    	     material consisting of concert recordings, studio outtakes,
	     rare remixes, and radio or television broadcasts.
    	     Some old bootlegs on vinyl and CD are very interesting and
	     quite collectable. Usually they are live or unreleased tracks
	     and be of dubious sound quality (from poor to excellent) as
	     some bootleggers will release anything.

     pirate: Unauthorized release of previously released material without
             attempting to make the album look like an original.

counterfeit: Unauthorized copy of an officially released album.

::: Country Codes ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Country codes (ISO):

	AR   Argentina	          	JP   Japan
        AT   Austria  			KP   North Korea          	
	AU   Australia			KR   South Korea
        BE   Belgium            	LU   Luxembourg
        BO   Bolivia            	MX   Mexico
        BR   Brazil             	MY   Malaysia
        CA   Canada             	NL   The Netherlands
        CH   Switzerland        	NO   Norway
        CL   Chile              	NZ   New Zealand
        CN   China              	PE   Peru
        CO   Columbia           	PH   Philippines
        CZ   Czech Republic     	PL   Poland
        DE   Germany, West Germany	PT   Portugal
        DK   Denmark            	RU   Russian Federation
        ES   Spain              	SA   Saudi Arabia
	EU   European Union		SE   Sweden
        FI   Finland            	SG   Singapore
        FR   France             	SK   Slovak Republic
	GB   Great Britain		SU   USSR
        GR   Greece 			SY   Syria
        HK   Hong Kong                  TR   Turkey
        HU   Hungary			TW   Taiwan
	ID   Indonesia			UA   Ukraine
        IE   Ireland			UK   United Kingdom
    	IL   Israel			US   United States
	IN   India			YU   Yugoslavia
	IT   Italy			ZA   South Africa

::: Mark Hollis ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Mark Hollis: Mark Hollis
  [26 Jan 1998] album

    LP: 2003 UK (Polydor/Universal; 537 688-1) [180 gram vinyl; incl lyrics]
    LP: 2003 EU (Polydor/Universal; 537 688-1) [180 gram vinyl; incl lyrics]
    LP: 2003 FR (Polydor/Universal; 537 688-1 PY 900) [180g vinyl; w/lyrics]
    CD: 1998 UK (Polydor/PolyGram; 537 688-2) [typeset lyrics]
    CD: 1998 UK (Polydor/PolyGram; HOLLIS 1) [promo "Title T.B.C."; custom slv]
    CD: 2000 UK (Pondlife/PolyGram; PLVP003CD) [re-issue; 13/03/2000]
    CD: 1998 DE (Polydor/PolyGram; 537 688-2) [stickered; typeset lyrics]
    CD: 2000 DE (Polydor/PolyGram; 537 688-2) [reissue; 22/05/2000] [exists?]
    CD: 1998 PL (PolyGram Polska; 537 688-2) [unreleased; 'Mountains Of The Moon']
          3:52  The Colour Of Spring
	  5:44  Watershed
	  6:21  Inside Looking Out
          4:22  The Gift
	  8:10  A Life (1895-1915)
	  4:18  Westward Bound
	  7:19  The Daily Planet
	  5:06  A New Jerusalem
	  1:43  (silence)

	LP reissue was in September 2003 picture sleeve same as CD's except
	"Mark Hollis" title is centered at the top. On reverse,	track
	listing (side A first with four songs, side B with four	last songs).
	There is a generic sticker on shrinkwrap in upper right corner of
	front sleeve: "180 gramm vinyl re-release mastered from original
	tapes" + Universal Music logo.


 Engineered by Phill Brown.
 Produced by Mark Hollis.
 Management by Keith Aspden.

 Composed and arranged by
 Mark Hollis and Phil Ramacon [1],
 Mark Hollis and Warne Livesey [2][4][5][7][8],
 Mark Hollis [3],
 Mark Hollis and Dominic Miller [6].

 Photograph by Stephen Lovell-Davis.
 Design by Cally and Crane.
 Management by Keith Aspden.
 Martin Ditcham drums and percussion.
 Chris Laurence bass.
 Lawrence Pendrous piano and harmonium.
 Iain Dixon clarinet.
 Tim Holmes clarinet.
 Mark Feltham harmonica.
 Henry Lowther trumpet.
 Andy Penayi flute.
 Melinda Maxwell cor anglais.
 Mark Hollis guitar and vocal.
 Dominic Miller guitar.
 Robbie McIntosh guitar.
 Maggie Pollock bassoon.
 Julie Andrews bassoon.

::: Collaborations :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

 All the collaborations, productions, remixes and other works
 by Mark Hollis with other artists can be found in Talk Talk
 Discography (ttd.htm) at section "Collaborations".
 Website: http://www.talktalk.hu/

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