It's So Serious (BBC version)
I've given everything
With nothing in return
I'm filled with images
That play on every word
No-one to tell me
There's a cloud before my eyes
Not only broken,
I don't know the reason why
It's so serious
Whatever's happening
I feel so insecure
Whenever I'm ..........
I act so self assured
My world of emptiness
A child without a toy
Forgiving anything
Restore me to my joy
It's so serious
This endless sea of tears
The feeling that I'll drown
I'd try to catch them
But they're sure to touch the ground
Nobody notices
The crowd's already fled
To leave a maze of colours
Tell me I'm not dead
It's so serious
EMI Records © 1982
Lyric: Mark Hollis
Music: Mark Hollis/Simon Brenner/Paul Webb/Lee Harris
Mixed by Mike Robinson.
Produced by John Sparrow.
Original sound recording made by the BBC.
Playing time: 4:15
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