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. 'It is the tape of an amateur,cheap jordans for sale,' Shalom Kaital, news department manager at Channel Two told Israel Radio. 'But you can see some of the most interesting things on this tape.' From the rooftop of a two-story building near the rally, the cameraman reportedly filmed several Cabinet ministers extensively before the shooting, including Foreign Minister Shimon Peres,jordans for cheap &quot,cheap real jordans, who replaced Rabin. He had a hobby of filming many such events on video, Samuel said. When Peres made moves to leave,jordans for cheap, Amir reportedly stood up, standing in the open with no police near him.

Amir told a judge at an earlier preliminary hearing he thought of shooting Peres but decided to save his bullets for Rabin. 'This is a document with high public value,' Kaital said. 'I wouldn't term NEWLN:the negotiating process> in terms of competition or winning.' Rabin's widow, Leah,cheap jordans free shipping, has said she will not watch the video but does not oppose its viewing publicly. 'Maybe the television will be on at my house,cheap jordans for sale cheap jordans, but I won't watch the broadcasting of the murder

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