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told Elvis once, and he told me he remembered I told him this, is that music is like water,” King pointed out. “Water is for every living person and every living thing.”

King raised his finger up as if Elvis was still in front of him, and profoundly declared,cheap jordans for sale, “Water from the white fountain don’t taste any better than from the black fountain. We just need to share it,cheap jordans, that’s all. You see, Elvis knew this and I know this.”

“Many people make the mistake of being wrong about all of this,” King continued. “If you ask anyone, I’m talking about people from all kinds of music—Blues, Soul, Country, Gospel, whatever—and if they are honest with you and have been around long enough to know---they’ll thank Elvis for his contributions. He opened many doors and by all his actions,cheap jordans Un investigaci&oacute, not just his words, he showed his love for all people.”

“People don’t realize that when ‘That’s All Right,cheap jordan shoes, Mama’ was first played (by Dewey Phillips in July 1954) no one had ever heard anything like that record,cheap jordan shoes cheap jordans,cheap jordan shoes,” King stressed

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