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Október 6, 2008, 22.00
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Október 6, 2008, 22.00
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About the rap duo called T.H.C.

In general:
T.H.C. started out in early 2005, when George Grindcore (DJ/Producer/Vocalist/Rapper) and Mr.X (Rapper/DJ) joined their talents to form an alternatively customised rap duo. Genres include: horrorap, rap and bass, dirty south, darkrap, acid rap and many more.

Former classmates and continous friends, their swag and wordplay has an original style, topics like the present-time political status, earning money, hoes and (of course) tetra-hydro-cannabinol and other types of drugs used by nowadays' youth recreationally. The duo has made around 30 songs already and is thriving for perfection and success among the widely spread hungarian hip hop music.

The short history:
They started when the two Budapest natives joined forces to make songs only for fun at first, but having the dream of once making it big in this game called rap. Mr.X and DJ George Grindcore where classmates and deskmates at LKG (Leövey Klára High School of Budapest) for 4 years. DJ George Grindcore began with making techno and goa music and rapper Mr.X, with a fellow MC, dropping freestyles on whatever beats they could find. The story begins here, when X sent 5 of their freestyle acapellas to Grindcore, who conducted some instrumentals under the verses. These songs have not been realesed at all, they only made it on an EP called "Before The Blow ( Pre-T.H.C.)". The tracks were all recorded in 2003-2004 and are of quite bad quality because they got recorded with a Hama DM-20 microphone. Even though with the production skills of DJ Grindcore they could only be made moderate at best...
The 2005 album, titled Evolution Of Self has 13 complete songs all of moderate quality (because of the above mentioned technical defectivenesses) with features of Grindcore's
then-girlfriend, Lady Fate and past fellows of Mr.X: Mc Ron and DJ Nicholas Kay (together as the Illmans). The genre they show on this particular album is versatile: from dark to mainstream, from drum and bass to hardcore acid rap.
Since then, G.O.D. and Mr.X have put out a short play record called The Green Mixtape, which is rather a temporary collection of tentative tracks and freestyles. It is still being formed in present times.
In the meantime, they have filmed videos for two of their songs (Madness 1.0 and Kick Your Ass).
The next big effort was that they have put out a double CD effort called Propaganja/Down South, which features tracks in the traditional T.H.C. way on one side and also a whole album full of songs in the nowadays so popular dirty south style.
DJ Crankazz a.k.a. G.O.D. had put together an EP called 'Chop That Shit, Screw That Bitch' which consists of chopped & screwed songs from previous tracks of T.H.C.
Future plans are to make a whole new album of hungarian tracks, the LP will be called 'Pózerek' due out in late 2008.
T.H.C. is now looking for a suitable studio and recordlabel, some appreciation and reputation. Their lack of money for studiotime is bridged by their diligence and talent and they are ready to go forward with any producer, label-owner or CEO of any recording company who wishes to recruit them as an upcoming rap duo.

Peace out!

T.H.C. IS:

(aliases: X, M-R to da X, Mista Xtasy):

Introduction: "Eyo, this Mr.X, Big X, the muhfuckin M-R to da muhfuckin X! Welcome on the website of T.H.C.! Enjoy the music!"

Bio: X was born in the 10th district of Budapest and has lived most of his life in the 9th. Started out listening to various genres of music, but he fell in love with rap and metal from all of them. With local friends he shared the dream of making it big in the hungarian rap industry and began freestyling on parties and writing rhymes. The first track ever recorded in which he was featured in was "Pipa" with fellow rapper Ronron and DJ Nicholas Kay togethet a.k.a. the Illmanz. He got to know Grindcore in the first year of high school, they were classmates and furthermore deskmates and formed a friendship by swapping CDs and MCs of Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and other bands and sharing a love for music.
They both had the urge to make quality rap music. And so formed the alternative rap duo named T.H.C. (tetra-hydro-cannabinol). Mr.X, being the more lyrical one, the swagbox of the band and also took up a reasonable part in production lately. He uses his experience from life to paint pictures of horror, disgrace and hatred. Mr.X has 2 sides: the dark atmosphere that surround some of his lyrics combined with the mind of a drug addict and the casual, thug-a-fella style, bigdog rapper. Choose either side and you are guaranteed to get a constant headbang.


Introduction: "Hi this is the G.O.D. Bump our music cuz we da shit or suck ma dick! We da best, bitches!!"

Bio: Grind was born in the post-industrial city of Miskolc, and when he was a teenager he moved to the 20th district of Budapest. He listens to all kinds of music from metal to EBM. He's interested in music-making on computer and he started to make some kind of techno. One day Grind made rap beats for his classmate and bro Mr X. Soon they founded the rap duo T.H.C. Grind loves to piece out rap-loops, especially sick, dark, horror beats. He also took up writing lyrics but mainly he is a fuckin psychotic DJ who is reactive to high-quality tracks.

The entourage:

Hunoro G
/of Logaritmus/
Mark T
Nicholas Kay
Nicholas Kay
/of Alja/




By Grindcore @ 2008
Copyright by T.H.C. 2008