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King_diamond-20_years_ago-locked_up_ 3.403.04.05 06:40:180:03:32128S44
King_diamond-the_wheelchair.mp3 7.702.06.11 07:35:25King DiamondThe Wheelchair2002Abigail II: The
1998_9.mp3 20:15:06King DiamondSarah's Night1998Voodoo0:03:21128S44
King_diamond-20_years_ago-I_need_blo 5.703.04.05 06:38:270:05:59128S44
1986_1.mp3 11:06:49King DiamondDressed In White1986Fatal Portrait0:03:07128S44
The_storm.mp3 8.302.06.11 07:35:16King DiamondThe Storm2002Abigail II: The
Neil_diamond_vs._king_diamond.mp3 1.302.10.29 01:27:44mochipetneil diamond vs. king diamond2002nobody likes you mochipet!http://www.mochipet.0:01:24128S44
[King Diamond] - The Trees Have Eyes 4.500.12.13 21:17:250:04:46128S44
1988_829.mp3 20:15:10King DiamondNo Presents For Christmas1988The Dark Sides0:04:21128S44
The Wheelchair.mp3 7.701.12.30 15:16:10KING DIAMONDThe Wheelchair2002Abigail II: The Revengewww.metalgospel.com0:05:21192S44
King_diamond-blood_to_walk.mp3 16:21:580:07:35160S44
Spirits.mp3 09:46:44KING DIAMONDSpirits2002Abigail II: The Revengewww.metalgospel.com0:04:58192S44
King_diamond-spirits.mp3 07:35:34King DiamondSpirits2002Abigail II: The
2001_808.mp3 4.303.09.29 13:19:49King DiamondEastman's cure1995The Spider's Lullabye0:04:32128S44
The Storm.mp3 8.302.07.06 13:12:46King DiamondThe storm2002Abigail 2
Boni NeM - The Jonah (King Diamond). 2.603.10.15 22:34:52Boni NeMThe Jonah (King Diamond)2001Kosmicheskie Kupleti
King_diamond-20_years_ago-locked_up_ 3.401.01.31 09:03:340:03:32128S44
[King Diamond] - The Trees Have Eyes 4.500.12.13 21:17:250:04:46128S44
[King Diamond] - The Trees Have Eyes 4.500.12.13 21:17:250:04:46128S44
King_diamond-20_years_ago-I_need_blo 5.701.01.31 09:03:060:05:59128S44
Thetrial.mp3 7.802.06.11 07:28:27Dark FuneralThe trial2000King Diamond
01-The Candle.mp3 12:37:06King Diamond - ProjektiThe Candle2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:08:22128S44
07-The Trial.mp3 8.403.01.08 12:38:40King Diamond - ProjektiThe Trial2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:08:48128S44
03-Arrival.mp3 8.903.01.08 12:37:39King Diamond - ProjektiArrival2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:09:18128S44
04-Mansion In The Darkness.mp3 7.703.01.08 12:37:54King Diamond - ProjektiMansion in the Darkness2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:08:06128S44
06-Sleepless Nights.mp3 8.403.01.08 12:38:25King Diamond - ProjektiSleepless Nights2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:08:48128S44
02-Charon.mp3 7.403.01.08 12:37:23King Diamond - ProjektiCharon2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:07:44128S44
05-Welcome Home.mp3 7.703.01.08 12:38:09King Diamond - ProjektiWelcome Home2002Treeninauha 4.9.20020:08:04128S44
10 - CREMATION.mp3 11:12:34King DiamondCREMATION1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:04:12160S44
05 - THE WEDDING DREAM.mp3 11:10:46King DiamondTHE WEDDING DREAM1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:06:01160S44
12 - CREMATION (Live Show Mix).mp3 11:13:52King DiamondCREMATION (Live Show Mix)1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:04:12160S44
11 - AT THE GRAVES (Alternate Mix).m 8.801.04.03 11:13:22King DiamondAT THE GRAVES (Alternate mix)1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:07:20160S44
01 - AT THE GRAVES.mp310.701.04.03 11:08:24King DiamondAT THE GRAVES1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:08:56160S44
02 - ARRIVAL.mp3 6.501.04.03 11:01:52King DiamondARRIVAL1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:05:26160S44
03 - A MANSION IN DARKNESS.mp3 5.401.04.03 11:02:22King DiamondA MANSION IN DARKNESS1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:04:34160S44
01 - FUNERAL.mp3 1.801.04.03 11:01:16King DiamondFUNERAL1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:01:30160S44
02 - SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.mp3 11:08:56King DiamondSLEEPLESS NIGHTS1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:05:05160S44
04 - A VISIT FROM THE DEAD.mp3 7.401.04.03 11:10:06King DiamondA VISIT FROM THE DEAD1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:06:12160S44
08 - VICTIMIZED.mp3 6.401.04.03 11:12:00King DiamondVICTIMIZED1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:05:21160S44
06 - 'AMON' BELONGS TO 'THEM'.mp3 4.601.04.03 11:11:10King Diamond"AMON" BELONGS TO "THEM"1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:03:51160S44
07 - THE POSSESSION.mp3 11:04:10King DiamondTHE POSSESSION1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:03:26160S44
12 - THE FAMILY GHOST (Rough Mix).mp 4.901.04.03 11:07:02King DiamondTHE FAMILY GHOST (Rough Mix)1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:04:09160S44
03 - LIES.mp3 11:09:26King DiamondLIES1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:04:22160S44
13 - THE POSSESSION (Rough Mix).mp3 11:07:26King DiamondTHE POSSESSION (Rough Mix)1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:03:28160S44
11 - A MANSION IN DARKNESS (Rough Mi 5.501.04.03 11:06:34King DiamondA MANSION IN DARKNESS (...Mix)1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:04:35160S44
07 - SOMETHING WEIRD.mp3 2.501.04.03 11:11:26King DiamondSOMETHING WEIRD1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:02:06160S44
09 - BLACK HORSEMEN.mp3 11:05:34King DiamondBLACK HORSEMEN1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:07:39160S44
10 - SHRINE.mp3 11:06:02King DiamondSHRINE1987ABIGAILMade by NIGGURATH0:04:23160S44
09 - LET IT BE DONE.mp3 1.401.04.03 11:12:08King DiamondLET IT BE DONE1989CONSPIRACYMade by NIGGURATH0:01:13160S44
King Diamond - Gypsy.mp3 22:17:36Mercyful FateGypsyDon't Break The Oath0:03:09128S44

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