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WhyOhWhy.mp3 4.301.11.13 16:30:20Underground Express - Other WoWhy Oh WhyUnderground Express - Other WoRecorded with MVP by0:06:04 96M44
Barry_kingston_screaming_souls-cant_ 2.902.08.01 13:19:24Barry Kingston and the ScreamingI Can't Do It Alone - LIVERecorded live at the Hukelau, Ch
The_Features_-_01_-_Circus.mp3 4.803.01.31 18:41:48The Features01 - Circus200212th and Porter - 8-24-2002recorded live 8/24/00:03:20
Janson_Michael_Steffan_-_If_the_Shoe 1.5Janson Michael SteffanIf the Shoe Fits... (sample)2003The Right Directionrecorded February 2003 at Killer0:01:38128S44
CloneDefects-15.mp3 17:18:57UnknownTrack 1UnknownRecorded with MVP by0:02:18128S44
Hot Damn [James Melley] (recorded Mo14.403.10.06 23:00:10James MelleyHot Damn2003Mon, 06 Oct 2003 22:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra
Emm Point 9-28-02 Untitled.mp3 2.802.10.17 03:55:58Emm GrynerUntitled2002The Point 9-28-02Recorded by Greg Teltschik0:01:29256S44
Largestm.mp3 0.503.10.30 04:09:05Large St. Michael2001Recorded by Tim Hene0:00:34128S44
The Late Show [Craig Pilling] (recor14.403.10.09 00:00:10Craig PillingThe Late Show2003Wed, 08 Oct 2003 23:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra
Lazy Sundays [KO] (recorded Sun, 1828.803.05.18 22:00:11KOLazy Sundays2003Sun, 18 May 2003 20:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra
LIB_1hrset.mp329.803.01.22 14:40:47Negativ Nein @ Lost In BassRecorded Nov 9th, Edited to 1 hr1:02:06 64S22
Attitude_adjustment.mp3 00:07:19attitude_adjustmentRecorded with MVP by0:02:16128S44
06-Chinatown.mp3 5.402.04.30 22:56:15Jets to BrazilChinatown2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:05:41128S44
Simply Shattered - Euphamism.mp3 3.602.01.23 05:10:14Simply ShatteredEuphamism2001Recorded and Mixed by Erik Strom0:03:49128S44 14:23:29Tage Haavmo Band011208 Saarhet i H-moll Mail2001Recorded in Engemo Studios, Lond0:04:20 64S22
06-Jack5.7.02.mp3 3.303.01.14 04:13:48Jack JohnsonJack5.7.02Metro Chicago - 5.7.02Recorded by Sean & T0:03:26128S44
14-Jack5.7.02.mp3 3.503.01.14 04:48:07Jack JohnsonJack5.7.02Metro Chicago - 5.7.02Recorded by Sean & T0:03:44128S44
Sunday Chillout [Dan Bush] (recorded 4.702.02.03 16:26:17
Prayers&MeditationsBahaullah-6a.mp3 4.702.06.10 04:14:28Prayers and Meditations -- BahNational Spiritual Assembly of tRecorded from audio tapes provid0:35:30 18M11
GingerMayersonTrio5.mp3 0.503.11.19 04:25:34Ginger MayersonTrio52002Woodwind TriosRecorded in my Lincoln Heights l0:00:36128S44
SteveWynnAndTheMiracle3_JustLikeHone 3.903.01.30 12:38:02Unknown ArtistTrack 72001Unknown AlbumRecorded July 19, 200:04:07128S44
02-Grass_Is_Greener_jeff_dub.mp3 3.903.01.02 10:04:59C.A.R.D.Grass Is Greener (jeff dub)1997Aug 00, 1997 - MTSU Studio Brecorded by kit0:04:08128S44
Demo_deepsea.mp3 4.602.09.24 05:41:22begbyDeep Sea20012001.12 - Recorded a0:04:52128S44
VLUG_-_20010213.1_Opening_announceme 1.802.08.28 00:42:12VLUGOpening announcements2001VLUG meeting, 20010213Recorded by Matthew0:07:41 32M22
Jerk_Off_LowQ.mp3 20:20:16AXiS oF EViL (Tool cover)Jerk Off2001Live Demo #2 2001 (unreleased)Recorded live at The Lab (Greg's0:04:22 64M44
Billy_Joe_Shaver-Sail_Of_My_Soul_(TU 5.402.08.09 03:38:09Billy Joe ShaverSail Of My Soul2001Recorded Live from KPIG at Rober0:05:38128S44
Saturn.mp3 7.302.09.25 14:24:25Recorded Live 12th February 1999Saturn1999http://cscall.swan.a0:07:37128S44
Deep Cut [Adrien And Mark] (recorded14.403.05.14 22:00:10Adrien and MarkDeep Cut2003Wed, 14 May 2003 21:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra0:10:01192S44
5_1_lightup.mp3 20:23:00begbyLight Up The Airport2003#52003.02 - Recorded a0:01:06128S44
Emm Point - For What Reason.mp3 00:37:56Emm GrynerFor What Reason2001The PointRecorded by Greg Teltschik0:03:25128S44
01_bok.mp3 4.501.08.16 13:22:19Christian BokSeahorses and Flying Fish2000Recorded Live at SUNY Buffalo, 20:03:09
For Whom The Bell Tolls(Cover Live). 2.399.10.09 13:29:27Hard ShellFWTBT(Cover-Live)1999NoneRecorded Live 7-27-90:04:51 64M44
The Late Show With Craig Pilling (re28.803.06.10 01:00:11The Late Show with Craig Pilli2003Mon, 09 Jun 2003 23:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra1:00:05 64S22
04_Swing Low Intro.mp3 0.702.02.25 20:57:34eddie from ohioSwing Low Intro1999Rams Head, Jan 23, 1999, #1Recorded By: Seth Ho0:00:44128S44
The Big Al Show [Alan Oldfield] (rec14.403.01.08 15:00:13Alan OldfieldThe Big Al Show2003Wed, 08 Jan 2003 14:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra0:15:02128M44
17_Vocal.mp3 1.303.09.25 05:24:21Robbie SchaeferVocal2002Live @ Schuba'sRecorded by: Rob SullivanMastere0:01:08160S44
Black_Boys_on_Mopeds.mp3 1.303.04.14 04:03:27Sinead O'ConnorBlack_Boys_on_MopedsRecorded 7/2000, A. Hackman0:01:54 96S44
RealityMan-1b.mp3 04:15:07The Reality of ManRecorded from audio tapes provid0:31:34 18M11
TabletsBahaullahAfterAqdas-4b.mp3 04:21:09Tablets of Baha'u'llah RevealeNational Spiritual Assembly of tRecorded from audio tapes provid0:38:46 18M11
Tonight.mp3 3.602.11.27 17:03:59David MerrimanTonight2002SongsSong recorded acoust0:03:47128S44
Chess-mvmt-3.mp3 3.399.03.13 06:39:05Bill HoehneChess Movement 31996TOHS Lancer BandRecorded/Encoded by0:03:27128M44
06_Sahara.mp3 4.303.06.11 17:19:56Eddie From OhioSahara2002Kuumbwa Jazz CenterRecorded by: Seth Hornstein0:04:30128S44
Paganini_16.mp3 00:38:13UnknownTrack 7UnknownRecorded with MVP by0:05:51 48M32
MARROW (1998) *recorded 1997*.mp3 4.80:05:00128S44
Ballerina_Liberation_Front_-_up_in_t 3.9Ballerina Liberation Frontup in the sky2001Auto Pilotsrecorded at The Void by Pieter K0:04:09128S44
AdventDivineJustice-1b.mp3 04:04:04Advent of Divine JusticeRecorded from audio tapes provid0:37:32 18M11
Student Radio Chart (recorded Sun, 128.803.10.19 18:00:12Student Radio Chart2003Sun, 19 Oct 2003 16:00:00 GMTrecorded live @ icra0:20:01192M44
Set2_08_Vocal.mp3 1.303.06.11 17:25:21Eddie From OhioVocal2002Kuumbwa Jazz CenterRecorded by: Seth Hornstein0:01:24128S44
01-Car.mp3 4.302.05.27 03:50:27Built To SpillCar2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
Hoedown.mp3 1.603.04.21 06:04:44University of Illinois MarchingHoedown2002Recorded Live at the Assembly Ha