Recorded By Gandalf

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06-Chinatown.mp3 5.402.04.30 22:56:15Jets to BrazilChinatown2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:05:41128S44
01-Car.mp3 4.302.05.27 03:50:27Built To SpillCar2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
08-Broken Chairs (Uhuru Black).mp3 9.402.05.27 04:11:32Built To SpillBroken Chairs (Uhuru Black)2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:13:10 96S44
02-The Turnpike Down.mp3 2.502.04.30 22:50:17Evan DandoThe Turnpike Down2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:02:39128S44
14-Unknown Title.mp3 4.902.05.27 04:24:03Built To SpillUnknown Title (14)2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:11:42 56S44
04-The Outdoor Type.mp3 2.802.04.30 22:50:51Evan DandoThe Outdoor Type2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:02:57128S44
08-Trailer Trash.mp3 5.902.04.30 23:03:57Modest MouseTrailer Trash2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:06:10128S44
13-Perfect Disguise.mp3 23:06:57Modest MousePerfect Disguise2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:04:19128S44
01-Styrofoam Boots - It's All Nice O 6.902.04.30 23:00:43Modest MouseStyrofoam Boots - It's All2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:07:11128S44
12-Disabled At The Beach.mp3 4.602.05.27 04:20:54Built To SpillDisabled at the Beach2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:07:46 80M44
13-unsure.mp3 5.802.04.30 22:59:27Jets to BrazilUnknown2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:06:03128S44
03-Your X-rays Have Just Come Back F 22:55:04Jets to BrazilYour X-rays Have Just Come Bac2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:04:51112S44
14-Sweet Avenue.mp3 22:59:51Jets to BrazilSweet Avenue2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:05:21128S44
18-Breakthrough.mp3 5.502.04.30 23:11:23Modest MouseBreakthrough2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:05:47128S44
03-Polar Opposites.mp3 3.402.04.30 23:01:28Modest MousePolar Opposites2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:03:37128S44
13-Unknown Title.mp3 3.602.05.27 04:22:14Built To SpillUnknown Title (13)2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
17-Stab.mp3 04:29:49Built To SpillStab2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
06-Favorite T.mp3 2.602.04.30 22:51:17Evan DandoFavorite T2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:02:43128S44
08-Paid To Smile.mp3 2.502.04.30 22:51:43Evan DandoPaid to Smile2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:02:39128S44
07-Out Of Gas.mp3 1.902.04.30 23:03:30Modest MouseOut of Gas2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:02:04128S44
19-Custom Concern.mp3 3.302.04.30 23:11:47Modest MouseCustom Concern2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:03:30128S44
11-What Is Life.mp3 04:19:10Built To SpillWhat Is Life2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:09:58 96S44
09-The Great Big No.mp3 22:51:58Evan DandoThe Great Big No2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:03:09128S44
04-Doin' The Cockroach.mp3 6.602.04.30 23:02:28Modest MouseDoin' the Cockroach2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:06:57128S44
15-What People Are Made Of.mp3 2.502.04.30 23:08:07Modest MouseWhat People Are Made Of2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:02:39128S44
10-Orange Rhyming Dictionary.mp3 5.702.04.30 22:58:07Jets to BrazilOrange Rhyming Dictionary2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:05:58128S44
06-Made-Up Dreams.mp3 7.602.05.27 04:06:01Built To SpillMade-Up Dreams2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:10:39 96M44
15-That Flower Song.mp3 04:25:10Built To SpillThat Flower Song2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
10-Kicked It In The Sun.mp310.702.05.27 04:16:31Built To SpillKicked It In The Sun2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
19-This Night Has Opened My Eyes.mp3 4.802.05.27 04:36:05Built To SpillThis Night Has Opened My Eyes2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
04-Dream Police.mp3 04:00:30Built To SpillDream Police2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
11-Cowboy Dan.mp310.402.04.30 23:05:33Modest MouseCowboy Dan2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:10:50128S44
02-Carry The Zero.mp3 8.702.05.27 03:53:41Built To SpillCarry The Zero2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
09-All-Night Diner.mp3 7.602.04.30 23:04:32Modest MouseAll-Night Diner2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:08:00128S44
08-Little Light.mp3 3.902.04.30 22:57:06Jets to BrazilLittle Light2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:04:04128S44
05-AirTraffic Control.mp3 2.602.04.30 22:55:43Jets to BrazilAir Traffic Control2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:02:44128S44
01-Don't Leave.mp3 22:45:10Ben LeeDon't Leave2001Live at Maxwell'srecorded by gandalf0:02:14128S44
16-Jamming.mp3 23:09:10Modest MouseJamming2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:07:17128S44
17-Truckers Atlas.mp3 9.302.04.30 23:10:36Modest MouseTruckers Atlas2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:09:45128S44
07-Sea Anenome.mp3 22:56:40Jets to BrazilSea Anenome2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:05:24128S44
01-Beautiful.mp3 07:20:27OrbitBeautiful2000Brownies, NYC - Nov 18recorded by gandalf0:03:14128S44
14-Being Around.mp3 22:53:11Evan DandoBeing Around2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:02:10128S44
16-Instrumental.mp3 0.802.04.30 22:53:32Evan DandoInstrumental2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:00:55128S44
10-Paper Thin Walls.mp3 23:04:45Modest MousePaper Thin Walls2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:03:10128S44
14-Positive Negative.mp3 6.402.04.30 23:07:47Modest MousePositive Negative2000Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 19recorded by gandalf0:06:45128S44
09-Canned Oxygen.mp3 2.602.05.27 04:12:32Built To SpillCanned Oxygen2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf
02-Ductile.mp3 1.502.04.30 22:45:17Ben LeeDuctile2001Live at Maxwellsrecorded by gandalf0:01:34128S44
02-Lemon Yellow Black.mp3 3.702.04.30 22:54:44Jets to BrazilLemon Yellow Black2001Live at Irving Plazarecorded by gandalf0:03:56128S44
15-Ride With Me.mp3 3.402.04.30 22:53:28Evan DandoRide With Me2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:03:34128S44
03-Down About It.mp3 22:50:33Evan DandoDown About It2001Village Underground - Feb 11recorded by gandalf0:02:09128S44