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Barry_kingston_screaming_souls-cant_ 2.902.08.01 13:19:24Barry Kingston and the ScreamingI Can't Do It Alone - LIVERecorded live at the Hukelau, Ch
Jerk_Off_LowQ.mp3 20:20:16AXiS oF EViL (Tool cover)Jerk Off2001Live Demo #2 2001 (unreleased)Recorded live at The Lab (Greg's0:04:22 64M44
01_bok.mp3 4.501.08.16 13:22:19Christian BokSeahorses and Flying Fish2000Recorded Live at SUNY Buffalo, 20:03:09
Hoedown.mp3 1.603.04.21 06:04:44University of Illinois MarchingHoedown2002Recorded Live at the Assembly Ha
Ben_Included_-_Intro_Jam.mp3 18:50:55Ben's IncludedIntro Jam2002Recorded live at CCHS battle 2000:05:17128S44
04_bok.mp3 3.401.08.16 13:19:38Christian Bokfrom "Motorized Razors"2000Recorded Live at SUNY Buffalo, 20:07:14 64M22
CarpetCrawl.mp3 0.902.10.12 15:25:11In The CageCarpet Crawl2002Two Sides LiveRecorded live at The Theatre Roy
Fluorine-20011016-Skye.mp350.401.10.23 02:03:57SkyeFluorine, Live - 10/16/20012001Recorded live at Fluorine0:52:36128S44
Udom_Silapin_Live_in_Chiang_Mai--Mon 15:37:19Udom Silapin Na Chiang MaiMon Yok Sop1990Recorded live at a funeral in Ch0:06:33128S44
Grand Buffet - Let's Go Find The Cat 5.502.08.02 16:17:23Grand BuffetLet's Go Find The Cat (live)2002Live at Mad Lab, Columbus OhioRecorded live at the Mad Lab in
06_bok.mp326.801.08.15 19:58:13Christian BokUrsonate (Kurt Schwitters)2000Recorded Live at SUNY Buffalo, 20:18:40
Fluorine-20011120-02-Shane.mp364.101.12.04 17:28:27ShaneFluorine, Live - 11/20/20012001Recorded live at Fluorine1:06:48128S44
Rocket_Science_live.mp3 7.401.09.17 16:47:44PlexusRocketscience LivePlexusRecorded Live at Izzy Bar, NY -0:10:19 96S44
03_Sinch_Live_at_HOB_-_Seven.mp3 6.703.02.12 16:29:44SinchSeven (Live)2002Absolutely LiveRecorded live at the House of Bl
07 - Tie (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).mp 19:24:10rosa pantop nTie2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:04:25128S44
Mark_Taylor_-_Circle_Squared.mp3 8.7Mark TaylorCircle Squared2000Circle SquaredRecorded live at the Knitactive
WingThemeSurf.mp3 2.702.02.13 22:52:59The Fat Man and Team FatWing Commander1995KFJC WaterloggedRecorded Live at the0:02:49128S44
01_Sinch_Live_at_HOB_-_Tabula_Rasa.m 5.303.02.12 16:22:58SinchTabula Rasa (Live)2002Absolutely LiveRecorded live at the House of Bl
05-tak-zhe-kak-vse.mp3 2.803.03.16 04:36:212002Ground ZeroRecorded live at the Ground Zero0:03:00128S44
Patchwork Projekt - The Maze (unplug 4.703.01.08 01:47:53Patchwork ProjektThe Maze (unplugged rock cafe)2002previously unreleasedRecorded live at Rock Caf, Peine0:04:55128S44
01 - Lisa (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).m 3.702.09.26 20:17:18rosa pantop nLisa2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:56128S44
BR_quetombentlesmasques_09.mp3 0.603.05.24 01:18:45Banlieue RougeRouge TotalQue tombent les masquesRecorded "live" at the Star Club0:00:41128S44
Fluorine-20011113-kHz.mp361.401.11.20 16:46:59kHzFluorine, Live - 11/13/20012001Recorded live at Fluorine1:03:58128S44
Udom_Silapin_Live_in_Chiang_Mai--Mon 15:37:19Udom Silapin Na Chiang MaiMon Yok Sop1990Recorded live at a funeral in Ch0:06:33128S44
08 - He (RP En El Cafe Del Foro).mp3 20:15:58rosa pantop nHe2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:04:17128S44
02 - Big Black Mariah -Tom Waits (RP 2.302.09.26 20:17:52rosa pantop nBig Black Mariah -Tom Waits2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:02:29128S44
Turducken.mp3 1.302.02.09 00:19:40Matt BrocchiniTurDuckEn1999Songs about Poultryrecorded live at the0:00:42256M44
03 - Press Play On Tape - Live On DR 3.7PRESS PLAY ON TAPEGhosts'n'Goblins2001Live in DRRecorded live at the Danish Broa0:07:54 64S44
Modern Art-Nietzsches-Sunflower.mp3 9.501.10.12 03:00:57Modern ArtMy Little Sunflower20012001 Battle oRecorded live at Nietzsche's, Bu
Sinatra - Under My Skin.mp3 23:08:21Perfectly FrankI've Got You Under My SkinRecorded Live at the Caf Matisse0:03:32 80M44
Supertrip_-_I_Know_live_at_the_South 2.302.11.01 13:19:25SupertripI Know live2002The CollectionRecorded live at the Southern Bl0:02:23128S44
Too Much.mp3 06:05:19University of Illinois MarchingToo Much2002Recorded Live at the Assembly Ha
05_Sinch_Live_at_HOB_-_The_Silent_Ac14.703.02.12 16:27:52SinchThe Silent Acquiecence of Mill2002Absolutely LiveRecorded live at the House of Bl
Fluorine-20011030-Ohm_KirKryyn.mp367.101.11.02 08:17:40Ohm vs. Kir KryynFluorine Halloween, Live - 10/2001Recorded live at the Fluorine Ha1:09:55128S44
Fluorine-20011127-02-Sam.mp350.801.12.04 16:58:04SamFluorine, Live - 11/27/20012001Recorded live at Fluorine0:52:56128S44
Sample1.mp3 3.303.03.21 19:17:39Performed by Helen WatsonMourceau de Concours2003Anacrusis (a Branch of Young EntRecorded live at the0:03:27
02_bok.mp3 0.701.08.16 13:20:37Christian BokAnd Sometimesss2000Recorded Live at SUNY Buffalo, 20:00:31
13 - Id Rather Go Blind - Blues Clas 20:19:20rosa pantop nId Rather Go Blind - Blues2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:07:30128S44
Joy Division - Transmission (Live 14 23:39:13Joy DivisionTransmission (Live 14.03.79)1979Bowden Vale Youth Club, AltrinchRecorded Live At (see "Album")0:03:21128S44
BillysThing-Live.mp3 3.902.07.17 01:30:52Jill SobuleBilly's Thing(Unreleased Live)Recorded live at Club Cafe, Pitt0:04:09128S44
Tortoise_10.12.02.mp3 00:05:16My Perfect MistakeTortoiseRecorded Live At Diamond Studi
Fluorine-20011120-03-Ganymede.mp382.101.12.04 16:56:56GanymedeFluorine, Live - 11/20/20012001Recorded live at Fluorine1:25:35128S44
Ruffneck_2.mp327.403.05.18 21:30:50DJ RuffneckLIVE in Moscow 1997 - part 21997LIVE at Orbital StationRecorded LIVE at Orbital Station0:28:32128S44
Fluorine-20011127-03-NomadicDJ__vs__44.301.12.09 15:23:57NomadicDJ vs. Nad is DogFluorine, Live - 11/27/20012001Recorded live at Fluorine2:30:23128S44
06 - Husband (RP En El Cafe Del Foro 4.302.09.26 19:29:46rosa pantop nHusband2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:04:32128S44
09 - Man Sized - PJ Harvey (RP En El 20:16:24rosa pantop nMan Sized - PJ Harvey2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Caf0:03:15128S44
13-po-sekretu-vsemu-svetu.mp3 0.703.03.16 04:36:272002Ground ZeroRecorded live at the Ground Zero0:00:49128S44
15 - Hannah (RP En RyC).mp3 20:19:42rosa pantop nHannah2000Sweet & Sour RockRecorded live at Rit0:01:19128S44
Gunner_Magi_LowQ.mp3 2.602.06.02 21:18:32AXiS oF EViLGunner Magi2001Live Demo #2 2001 (Unreleased)Recorded live at The Lab (Greg's0:05:36 64M44
Ups.mp3 2.803.07.31 04:32:3215-16 puzzleUPSRecorded live at the EMP in Seat0:02:55128S44