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Record_of_fight.mp3 1.403.02.27 23:26:22Tecno SoftRecord of fight1997ThunderForceV
Sakamoto Maaya - Kiseki No Umi [Reco 3.903.01.21 04:37:18Sakamoto MaayaKiseki No UmiHotchpotchRecord of Lodoss War theme0:04:09128S44
Fantasia2.mp3 0.999.11.08 08:00:00Yuichan/Ronnie_BellFantasia of the WindRecord of Lodoss War OAV (End)0:01:00128S44
Record Of Lodoss War.mp3 3.601.12.05 09:28:350:04:23112S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Kiseki No Umi 02:59:280:04:21128S44
Kiseki No Umi.mp3 21:33:30Kanno YokoKiseki no Umi (Sea of MiraclesRecord of Lodoss War TV AnimeTrack 1
Adesso.MP3 2.901.10.23 12:29:14Record of Lodoss War Best CollecAdesso e FortunaRecord of Lodoss War Best Collec0:04:08 96S44
Lodoss01.mp3 12:35:47Adess e FortunaRecord of Lodoss War0:04:11128S44
Sakasama No Niji.mp3 4.604.02.01 09:45:17Lodoss WarSakasama no Niji (Inverted RaiRecord of Lodoss War TV OSTFile from www.akari.ru0:04:49128S44
OAV-opening.mp3 13:50:18Record of Lodoss Wars OpeningAdesso e FortunaOriginal Soundtrack0:04:11128S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Instrumental. 3.303.08.13 16:55:400:03:29128S44
Record Of Lodoss War -Parn Saves Dee 17:47:13Record of Lodoss Wars BGMParn Saves DeedlitOriginal Soundtrackkage o achi beru0:04:14128S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Fantasia Of T 07:18:52Record of Lodoss WarEnd Credits (English)0:01:08128S44
Hikari No Suashi (Ending).mp3 3.602.02.01 09:50:43Record of Lodoss Warhikari no suashi (Ending)2000TV Original Soundtrack Vol. 1www.universomanga.co0:03:47128S44
Record Of Lodos War - Glowing Bare F 4.603.09.04 06:48:30Maaya SakamotoGlowning Bare feetLodoss War?0:04:48128S44
Record Of Lodos War - Opening.mp3 07:12:30/Lodoss Opening1999Lodoss Openinghttp://rukawa.cyril.com0:04:18128S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Hoshi No Ame. 1.603.09.04 07:28:150:01:42128S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Requiem Of Wa 1.403.09.04 07:36:400:01:29128S44
Kaze.mp3 11:21:15SherryO O1990Record of Lodoss War0:04:13128S44
Kaze_no_Fantasia.mp3 4.301.06.19 09:20:12LodossKaze no FantasiaRecord of Lodoss War Best Collec0:03:36160S44
RecordofLodossWar-AdessoEFortuna-eng 3.901.06.10 04:47:55Record of Lodoss WarAdesso E Fortuna (English)0:04:08128S44
M8.mp3 21:37:22UnknownNeese's ThemeRecord of Lodoss War0:02:09128S44
The_8th_Sin_-_Black_Fantasy.mp3 4.2The 8th SinBlack Fantasyrecord of a perverse mind0:04:27128S44
The Sex Pistols - No Feelings.mp3 2.703.05.25 02:45:00The Sex PistolsTrack 02Record of Willeniums0:02:52128S44
Record Of Lodoss Wars - 15 - Adesso 5.903.09.27 19:31:28Kaze No Orchestra15 - Adesso e Fortuna - FlameRecord of Lodoss Wars, Vol. 10:12:25 64S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Kiseki No Umi 17:20:440:04:21160S44
Record Of Lodoss War - Active Heart. 03:45:420:04:14128S44
Maaya Sakamoto - Kiseki No Umi.mp3 00:56:40Record of Lodoss Wars TVKiseki no UmiOST 10:04:21128S44
Kiseki No Umi.mp3 10:00:05Record of Lodoss War [Opening]Kiseki no Umi1996TV Openingwww.universomanga.co0:04:21128S44
Record Of Lodoss War.mp3 05:07:51Maaya SakamotoKiseki no UmiRecord of Loddoss WarRecord of Loddoss Wa0:04:20128S44
Sakasamanoniji.MP3 03:35:04VariousRecord Of Lodoss War OVA - Sakmisc. anim0:04:53 56S22
Hikarinosuashi.MP3 1.501.10.07 21:06:03VariousRecord of Lodoss War - Hikarisamazama na kyoku0:03:48 56S22
Kazenofantasia.MP3 1.501.10.10 02:23:27VariousRecord of Lodoss War - Kaze nosamazama na kyoku0:03:37 56S22
Adessoefortuna.MP3 1.701.10.10 02:46:57VariousRecord of Lodoss War - Adessomisc. anim0:04:12 56S22