Extreme 60 Levels for the famous classic PC DOS WWII 6-episode game Wolfenstein-3D (WL6)

In the year of 2020.

This is a brand-new unofficial level package and alternative story with a few modified / new gfx for you, Agent Blazkowicz, made by The Torpid Rodriguez, with the taste of the original game!

BJ's Destiny screen

The Torpid Rodriguez
I am the Torpid Rodriguez, an alien identity,
who cannot get along in this universe.

Download Section

For legal reasons I divided the Extreme-60 to 2 parts:

For the WEX60 Map pack, which is free, and does not contains any parts of the original game, I accept donations. If you have played all general levels with some or all secret levels, and you liked it, my PayPal email address awaiting for you: thetorpidrodriguez@gmail.com

The WEX60 executable, graphics, audio, texts & demo files are absolutely free too (maybe only if you purchased the original game?), and no donations I accept for them in any circumstances!

1. WEX60 Map files: WEX60MAP.ZIP

Archive content:

       GAMEMAPS.WL6 new
       MAPHEAD.WL6 new
       README.TXT +
       WEX60.PDF +
       site.html +

2. WEX60 executable, graphics, audio, texts, demo: WEX60ETC.ZIP

Archive content:

       AUDIOHED.WL6 mod  
       AUDIOT.WL6 mod  
       VGADICT.WL6 mod  
       VGAGRAPH.WL6 mod  
       VGAHEAD.WL6 mod  
       VSWAP.WL6 mod  
       WEX60.EXE mod 16 bit DOS executable for IBM-compatible PCs

Recommended usage:

Download both components, create a new folder named "WEX60", extract all files from both archives to the WEX60 folder.
Please read the short readme.txt! Run WEX60.EXE from DOS or DOS BOX (www.dosbox.com), and have fun!

Executable version information section

WEX60.EXE v1.4* - For the best experience, this is the recommended unofficial program version.

Fixed new bugs that appeared in v1.4 sources:

Fixed old bugs that were very annoying with my levels:


To use it, just download both components, create a new folder named "WEX60", extract all files from both archives to the WEX60 folder. That's all!

WOLF3D.EXE v1.4 - Do not use this program for the Extreme 60 levels!

WOLF3D.EXE v1.1 - This level pack is playable with the original WOLF3D.EXE with version "v1.1", because it's awesome, and I just used its unexploited capabilities. However it's not customized and no bug fixes, and you can't read the updated "Read This" section, briefing screens not appropriate, so I would not recommend you for these reasons.

But if you want to utilize it, do the following:

Create a backup copy of your original Wolfenstein files, download both components, extract them to an empty folder, then copy the following files from this folder to your Wolfenstein folder: GAMEMAPS.WL6, MAPHEAD.WL6, VSWAP.WL6 .



Created by id Software, they gratefully published the whole source code in 1995, and ... and ..., so don't cease to buy the original game!
I also used it as a tool:

ChaosEdit: www.chaos-software.de.vu

All levels created with the great ChaosEdit!
I also used ChaosEdit to edit textures, sprites, and text screens.

WDC - Wolf Data Compiler: winwolf3d.dugtrio17.com

I used this miracle tool:

The GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program: www.gimp.org

I used my old friend to create the "BJ's Destiny" title art for the main screen.

Borland C++ 3.1

Used to compile the new executable.

LZEXE from Fabrice BELLARD

Used this smart French DOS app to compress the new executable to be as small, as the original one was.

All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned here are in the properties of their respective owners.