In human’s heart generations of passion follow each other. If one disappears, another occupies its place. In Balázs Unger’s life this reappearing and this way steady change is present in the form of passionate love for music. It is rooted in his childhood when he got engaged with folk music playing in the band Fix-stimm. Further steps of his musical development were taking part  in bands playing Hungarian folk music (Galga), jazz (Dresch Quartet) and Hungarian and Romanian csango music of Moldva (Zurgó). He got acquainted with the variegation of the Carpathian Basin’s folk music in Fonó Band and he played six years in Hungarian State Ensemble. The latter contributed to his becoming a professional musician.
The way from his first album ’Round’ to the present one: ’Second Round’ was long and filled with learning experience. His masters were some of the best Hungarian musicians, e.g. Kálmán Balogh, Árpád Toni, Gergely Agócs, Lajos Rónai, Csaba Blaskó, Beatrix Szőlős.
The care of his masters urged him to pass over his consolidated knowledge with as much love as he was taught. Beside his daily teaching work he founded a folk music group called ’Zagyva’ Band, which was formed by his pupils. In his birthplace he has been doing thorough collection of folk art traditions, for which he was rewarded with the title of ’Young Master of Folk Art’.
What is to be brought by next rounds? I do hope his keen work as a musician and teacher will make lots of people intake the endless love for music that determined his whole life.

Please accept ’Second Round’ with as much love as Balázs Unger and his friends provide it – to You.