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Techniques for taking care of babies on the plane

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Csatlakozott: 2020.03.13. Péntek 4:49
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HozzászólásElküldve: Pént. Nov. 20, 2020 5:01 am    Hozzászólás témája: Techniques for taking care of babies on the plane Hozzászólás az előzmény idézésével

Babies are the age that needs close supervision. Because the body is still weak Easily injured or infected If an infant is required to travel with Therefore had to take care of the little one very special Especially traveling by air Which has many requirements and regulations In addition, there are also other passengers traveling. Therefore may be at risk of infection An accident Or children may fuss and annoy others, so parents must plan carefully.

Things to prepare before boarding the plane

Before traveling is the time that you should prepare everything carefully. Because the journey can take a long time and don't stop for a stop along the way. If important things are forgotten or if the child has abnormal symptoms, they may not be able to help in time. Therefore should prepare well

The important things that need to be prepared are as follows

Ask the airline for information such as the minimum age of children allowed to board. Child ticket price The size of the car seat and the stroller allowed to be carried on, etc., the information may vary by airline. Therefore should check the clear information first
Plan a trip and prepare baby essentials that need to be on the go, such as baby bottles, water, pacifiers, diapers to change on board, clothes and baby toys.
Take the child to the doctor for a check-up before traveling. Especially infections in the ear canal Because if the child has any underlying illness or infection, the child will be given medication to treat or prevent relapse while traveling.
Make a note of all important information, put a piece of paper and keep it on your child to avoid getting lost. And write it down in the mobile phone as well to prevent forgetting important information such as parents' names and phone numbers. Children's illness And drugs used by children, etc.
Carry out simple cleaning supplies as children may be handling objects on planes that are contaminated with germs, such as bathroom doors or bathroom equipment, for example, which increase the risk of infection in infants with lower immunity than adults.
Wherever possible, choose a flight that matches the child's bedtime. Like a flight at night Or, you can choose a flight that matches your child's daytime sleep. To put the child asleep during the journey and to avoid making loud noises that might disturb other passengers.
Get to the airport earlier than usual to have more time to prepare. Because having an infant traveling with it can take longer to store luggage. Some airlines allow passengers carrying an infant to board before the general passenger.
Taking care of infants on board

While on the plane Parents are concerned about the safety of the child and be careful not to disturb other passengers. Which can be followed by the following instructions

Choose a window seat To draw the attention of children and avoid injury Because the child is always moving Therefore may extend arms or legs out of the seat If you sit on the aisle there is a risk of harm to your child, such as being hit by a walk or falling from your seat.
Let the child drink milk while taking off or landing on a plane. Have your child drink breast milk, suck water from a bottle, or use pacifiers while planes take off or land. To prevent ear pain caused by changes in pressure on the plane Wait until the parent himself feels the change in pressure inside the ear before feeding the child with milk, water or pacifiers. Because if the child is given to drink milk or water immediately after boarding The child may be full before the change in pressure. And if the methods do not work, try a gentle massage on the ears of the child while singing a lullaby. Which may help alleviate symptoms in another way
Attract attention This is because the child may become unstable and try to climb out of their seats or make noise that may disturb others. Therefore, there should be something to lure the child to be interested in such a favorite toy. Or tell stories and play soft music for children
Install the car seat in the seat. The car seat is an essential item when traveling with babies. The car seats that are authorized by the airline should be installed on the seats on the aircraft. To help increase safety and prevent accidents during traveling.

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