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Jingle Evanesence.
Jingle Html.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Jingle.mp3 1.803.10.31 03:47:330:01:30160S44
Broery.mp3 1.803.10.31 03:09:170:01:30160S44
Jso Himna.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:40:200:01:30160S44
Snoop Dogg The Next Episode.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:52:200:01:30160S44
Valahol.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:46:190:01:30160S44
Ilayaraja.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:42:190:01:30160S44
Beauty And The Beast.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:48:200:01:30160S44
Mozart.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:58:180:01:30160S44
Bunda.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:56:190:01:30160S44
The Postal Service.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:38:220:01:30160S44
Requiem For.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:54:200:01:30160S44
Aitbar.mp3 1.803.10.29 13:44:170:01:30160S44
Sheail.mp3 1.502.02.07 14:51:560:03:09 64S22
Valahol.mp3 2.901.11.10 08:52:040:03:07128S44
Sheal.mp3 0.502.06.25 23:55:210:00:36128S44
Main Dewanna.mp3 12:59:450:03:18128S44
Aitbar.mp3 23:45:58
Glooming Sunday.mp3 3.501.02.18 05:34:490:02:57160S44
Sovjet.mp3 02:34:590:03:11128S44
Ilayaraja.mp3 0.502.06.25 23:55:210:00:36128S44
That Thing You Do.mp3 2.901.09.23 18:35:150:03:06128S44
Andra The Back Bone.mp3 3.599.10.26 19:20:270:02:57160S44
Freebird.mp3 0.503.12.24 03:50:340:00:34128S44
Depeche Mode.mp3 2.302.07.29 11:05:490:02:28128S44

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Jingle Dr Dre Snoop Dogg.