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Alice Cooper - No More Mr Nice Guy.m 2.903.02.21 22:36:29Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy1985Brush Cut - 05/31/190:03:06128S44
Amy Grant - Every Heartbeat.mp3 3.300.07.03 05:38:02Amy GrantEvery Heartbeat1991Heart In MotionBrush Cut - 04/29/190:03:29128S44
Steve Miller Band - The Joker.mp3 3.300.06.02 06:35:38Steve Miller BandThe JokerBrush Cut - 07/08/190:03:29128S44
25-Prince-Little_Red_Corvette.mp3 4.703.03.27 18:15:49PrinceLittle Red Corvette19821999Brush Cut - 06/06/190:04:56128S44
Pulpfiction.mp3 13:23:50VenturesPulp Fiction Theme1995Brush Cut - 07/02/190:02:10128S44
Bowie-moroder-catpeople.mp3 6.403.04.28 06:00:38Giorgio Moroder And David BowieCat People (Putting Out Fire)1982Cat People soundtrackBrush Cut - 09/05/19990:06:45128S44
New Kids On The Block - Step By Step 03:13:37New Kids on the BlockStep by Step1990Step by StepBrush Cut - 05/12/19980:04:26128S44
Roxette - Dangerous.mp3 3.600.06.14 23:33:51(Roxette)Dangerous1992Brush Cut - 07/06/190:03:48128S44
HOTCHO~1.MP3 3.803.01.06 15:33:17Hot ChocolateYou Sexy Thing (I Believe In MBrush Cut - 10/07/190:04:01128S44
18-David_Bowie-Lets_Dance.mp3 3.903.03.27 17:43:50David BowieLet's Dance1983Brush Cut - 06/03/190:04:09128S44
Simpsons - Do The Bartman.mp3 4.902.03.19 06:16:34SimpsonsDo The Bartman1990The Simpsons Sing the BluesBrush Cut - 01/30/190:05:10128S44
Chris DeBurgh - Lady In Red.mp3 10:16:14Chris De BurghLady In Red1986Brush Cut - 04/21/190:04:17128S44
Crossfireyouronlylonely.mp3 3.603.02.19 19:52:36JD SoutherYou're Only Lonely1979Brush Cut - 12/18/190:03:45128S44
TV Themes - Gilligan's Island.mp3 1.503.03.13 16:48:58TV ThemesGilligan's Island1977Brush Cut - 04/21/19
Roch_Voisine-With_These_Eyes.mp3 04:03:09Roch VoisineWith These Eyes`Brush Cut - 04/07/19990:04:19128S44
Micheal_Jackson_-_Heal_the_World.mp3 20:59:52Michael JacksonHeal The World1991DangerousBrush Cut - 05/04/190:05:17128S44
Foreigner - Jukebox Hero.mp3 01:38:21ForeignerJukebox Hero1981Foreigner 4Brush Cut - 02/11/190:04:19128S44
Theme_(Original).mp3 02:05:20ThemeFraggle Rock1984Brush Cut - 02/24/190:02:22128S44
Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang.mp3 5.902.02.07 20:56:45Kool And The GangGet Down On It [Extended]1982Brush Cut - 08/21/190:06:09128S44
Spaceballs.mp3 3.503.12.19 23:17:41SpaceballsWe're the Spaceballs!Brush Cut - 01/11/19990:03:42128S44
King Of The Hill - TV Theme.mp3 03:10:08ThemeKing Of The Hill1996Brush Cut - 09/20/190:02:05128S44
Sheila E - The Glamorous Life.mp3 3.403.12.01 14:57:34Sheila EGlamorous Life1983Brush Cut - 09/26/190:03:37128S44
Culture_Club_-_The_War_Song.mp3 3.803.12.03 01:38:49Culture ClubThe War Song1984Brush Cut - 01/11/19990:03:58128S44
Heman.mp3 16:53:07TV Cartoon ThemesHe-Man Theme1983Brush Cut - 06/15/19980:01:10128S44
ChainsofLove.mp3 3.704.03.16 04:27:43ErasureChains of Love1987The InnocentsBrush Cut - 05/11/19
(George_Michael)-I_Want_Your_Sex.mp3 8.702.07.06 13:31:02George MichaelI Want Your Sex1985Brush Cut - 06/09/190:09:06128S44
Copy Of (George_Michael)-I_Want_Your 8.702.07.06 13:31:02George MichaelI Want Your Sex1985Brush Cut - 06/09/190:09:06128S44
Huey Lewis And The News - The Power 3.702.01.25 18:11:03Huey Lewis And The NewsPower Of Love1986Brush Cut - 01/04/190:03:56128S44
King Of The Hill - TV Theme.mp3 03:10:08ThemeKing Of The Hill1996Brush Cut - 09/20/190:02:05128S44
Dick Dale - Misirlou.mp3 2.404.01.27 22:26:12Dick Dale & His Del-tonesMiserlou1989King of the Surf Guitar: The BBrush Cut - 07/02/19
Micheal Jackson - Heal The World.mp3 17:07:40Michael JacksonHeal The World1991DangerousBrush Cut - 05/04/190:05:17128S44
Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted Snake.mp3 3.603.08.10 02:46:45Paula AbdulCold Hearted Snake1988Forever Your GirlBrush Cut - 05/29/190:03:50128S44
People.mp3 3.403.02.23 09:28:07Echo And The BunnymenPeople Are Strange1986Lost Boys SoundtrackBrush Cut - 11/06/190:03:36128S44
Fraggle Rocker.mp3 14:50:34ThemeFraggle Rock1984Brush Cut - 02/24/190:02:22128S44
The_A_Team.mp3 1.501.09.08 09:48:08ThemeThe A Team1981Brush Cut - 06/13/190:01:37128S44
Echo And The Bunnymen - People Are S 3.404.04.24 23:00:20echo and the bunnymenpeople are strange1986Lost Boys SoundtrackBrush Cut - 11/06/190:03:36128S44
CantGetNoSatisfaction.mp3 3.503.07.10 14:54:56Rolling StonesI Can't Get No SatisfactionBrush Cut - 05/01/19990:03:41128S44
JustAnIllusion.mp3 07:11:57ImaginationJust An Illusion [Extended]Brush Cut - 06/20/190:06:31128S44
Pulp Fiction - Dead Nigger Storage.m 16:10:44Pulp FictionDead Nigger Storage1995Brush Cut - 12/28/19970:01:02128S44
HowCanUMendABrokenHeart.mp3 3.703.07.15 11:48:58Bee GeesHow Can You Mend A Broken HearBrush Cut - 07/06/190:03:53128S44
Alice Cooper - No More Mr Mice Guy.m 2.901.07.16 08:47:22Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy1985Brush Cut - 05/31/190:03:06128S44
01 - Love Plus One.mp3 4.601.10.08 23:19:11Haircut 100Love Plus One1984Brush Cut - 05/13/190:05:35112S44
Le Lavomatic.mp3 3.302.03.14 20:43:08Steve Miller BandThe JokerBrush Cut - 07/08/190:03:29128S44
Lionel Richie - You Are The Sun You 4.704.06.04 08:14:33Lionel RichieYou Are1984Brush Cut - 03/16/190:04:59128S44
Pilot - Magic.mp3 2.903.02.05 15:07:12PilotMagic1975Brush Cut - 04/21/190:03:06128S44
Linear - Sending All My Love.mp3 3.703.04.17 08:11:28LinearSending All My Love1990Brush Cut - 10/08/190:03:55128S44
MiamiVice.mp3 2.304.04.19 21:33:41UnknownMiami Vice [Extended]1985Brush Cut - 09/20/19980:02:26128S44
Chanson.mp3 3.604.07.10 16:11:40Alice CooperThe Man Behind The Mask1986ConstrictorBrush Cut - 01/20/190:03:46128S44
Foreigner - Midnight Blue.mid.mp3 3.503.12.11 17:22:51Lou GrammMidnight Blue1985Brush Cut - 08/21/190:03:43128S44
Night Ranger - Sister Christian.mp3 4.804.06.21 21:38:00Night RangerSister Christian1985Brush Cut - 12/06/190:05:00128S44