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Wenson - The No.1 Source for Cross Racing Championship 2005 - Wenson - The No.1 Source for Cross Racing Championship

Peugeot 206 WRC

General news   2021-06-06 21:25 by CsuTy

Hey CRC fans! I hope you're all fine!
I know this is something unusual on the site but I would like to present you my latest hobby. Well, I can't try my project in the game but believe me, building the car was way more interesting than modeling it on a computer.

Have fun, like, leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe!


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General news   2014-07-05 12:51 by CsuTy

Hi everyone!

I know that there is something problem with the registration, a lot of people couldn't get the confirmation email. I'll try to fix it but until that, feel free to get every documents, articles and downloadable contents for FREE!
Yes, it means you don't need to register, you can get everything as a guest.


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Welcome back!

General news   2014-06-06 17:11 by CsuTy

Hi to every fan!

I hope you are well done guys and you still play this awesome game with your friends or alone.

So, so. The fact is true. Unfortunately, the site is dead and it will be dead for awhile. My life has been changed and I can't keep up the modding.
Don't worry, I am fine!

There is a thing in everyone's life which can change everything. So, mine is my own family. I don't have time for modding or stuffs like this anymore and to be honest, I don't want to keep this game alive.
Alright, I lied, I really want to accomplish my endless modding dreams but this game is not so popular and living in this modding scene is very very boring.

I really hope that you enjoyed all of my and my friends' mods or you just got some funny minutes by playing this game.

Last but not least, I can ensure you that you will see me in the gamedev area, maybe in the near future. We don't know what the future has in store. ;)

Cheers from fkin beautiful London,

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Unfinished BETA tracks are released

General news   2013-04-28 12:10 by CsuTy

Unfinished BETA addon tracks for CRC2005 v1.2.4

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Fan made videos

General news   2012-12-08 11:57 by CsuTy

And that one is my favorite of all


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General news   2011-12-31 09:06 by CsuTy

We wish you a happy new year!

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Coming soon!

General news   2011-12-19 20:28 by CsuTy

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Updated content!

General news   2011-11-25 09:10 by CsuTy

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Chevrolet Corvette Z06

General news   2011-05-08 11:44 by CsuTy

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Wenson QUICK!

General news / QUICK! news   2011-04-30 20:19 by CsuTy

Do you know what is the common between Steam, Invictus LIVE and Wenson QUICK! ?


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