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S-kl07dec02.mp3 7.502.12.21 04:32:02Larry KirkpatrickJesus: The Truth20020:42:03 24M22
S-kl20jul02.mp3 04:22:33Larry KirkpatrickJesus: The Stricken2002Jesus died so that we could live0:18:17 24M22
S-kl08sep01.mp3 8.902.09.14 06:31:29Pastor Larry KirkpatrickI Want to Give my Heart to Jes2001Advent Awakening and Rise of the0:49:32 24M22
S-kl03nov01.mp3 9.802.01.06 03:39:01Larry kirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001Seventh-Day Adventist history0:54:59 24M22
S-kl01mar03.mp3 9.403.03.01 21:52:13Larry KirkpatrickNew Light or Not2003Making sure new light comes from0:52:42 24M22
S-kl24aug02.mp310.002.12.08 00:22:17Larry KirkpatrickJesus, Teach us How to Witness2002Learning how to witness for Jesu0:56:03 24M22
S-kl27jul02.mp3 9.502.12.15 02:10:07Larry KirkpatrickJesus, Teach us How to Witness20020:52:49 24M22
I_Will.mp3 06:07:05Chris Kirkpatrick & David FosterI Will2002The Best Of Mehttp://kirkpatrick.nu0:04:24128S44
S-kl10nov01.mp3 03:55:51Larry kirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001Investigative Judgement and Salv0:44:54 24M22
S-kl21jul01.mp311.602.09.14 05:21:37Larry kirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001Humanity of Christ1:04:27 24M22
S-kl09feb02.mp3 7.802.02.10 01:56:54Larry KirkpatrickReal Grace in Romans 6-820023rd Sermon about the nature of t0:43:38 24M22
Beatles Medley.mp3 7.802.04.03 00:22:14BeatlesMedley2002Celebrity Tour 2002 - Houston,TX
S-kl16feb02.mp3 22:06:18Larry KirkpatrickReal Grace in Romans 9-1120024th sermon covering true grace i0:50:33 24M22
Rich_Kirkpatrick_-_We_Have_Come_to_C 3.902.07.29 23:46:33Rich KirkpatrickWe Have Come To Celebrate1997Vision0:04:05128S44
S-kl22sep01.mp3 7.401.12.23 02:27:58Larry KirkpatrickAll Evil to Be Ended2001Judgment0:41:18 24M22
S-kl29mar03.mp3 22:09:28Larry KirkpatrickJesus: The Honest20030:16:46 24M22
S-kl31may03.mp3 6.303.11.08 18:37:21Larry KirkpatrickThe Last Baptism20030:35:16 24M22
Rich_Kirkpatrick_-_God_So_Loved.mp3 3.602.07.29 23:46:310:03:49128S44
I Want You Back (Blues).mp3 4.802.04.03 00:54:28*NSYNCI Want You Back (Blues Remix)20022002 Celebrity Tour - San Antonihttp://kirkpatrick.nu0:05:02128S44
S-kl11aug01.mp3 7.902.09.14 06:10:12Larry kirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001Salvation0:44:13 24M22
Celebrity.mp3 00:44:11*NSYNCCelebrity2002Celebrity Tour 2002 - Houston,TX
S-kl08dec01.mp3 6.702.01.06 03:46:38Larry kirkpatrickUntying God's Hands2001Psalm 78:40-430:37:20 24M22
Rich_Kirkpatrick_-_Psalm_103.mp3 4.402.07.29 23:46:32Rich KirkpatrickPsalm 1031997Vision0:04:40128S44
It's Gonna Be Me.mp3 4.902.04.03 01:01:12*NSYNCIt's Gonna Be Me2002Celebrity Tour 2002 - Houston, T
S-kl26apr03.mp3 4.503.05.03 02:45:58Larry KirkpatrickThe Crossing20030:25:01 24M22
I_Will4.mp3 14:15:34Chris KirkpatrickI Will []2002http://kirkpatrick.n0:04:20128S44
Beatles Medley.mp3 7.802.04.03 00:22:14BeatlesMedley2002Celebrity Tour 2002 - Houston,TX
S-kl07jun03.mp3 9.503.08.31 02:32:37Larry KirkpatrickEternal Security2003What the Bible teaches about pre0:53:11 24M22
S-kl21jun03.mp3 02:58:14Larry KirkpatrickCrazy Man on a Dry Hill20030:44:29 24M22
S-kl29jun02.mp3 5.602.06.30 03:09:46Larry KirkpatrickJesus: The Way2002Jesus is the way, the truth, and0:31:37 24M22
S-kl01nov03-1.mp3 8.903.11.08 18:29:37Larry KirkpatrickJesus, Competitive Sports, and2003Competitive sports and the dange0:49:32 24M22
S-kl22jun02.mp3 8.902.06.23 00:51:13Larry KirkpatrickMy Testimony2002My personal conversi0:49:44 24M22
S-kl17nov01.mp3 9.901.12.23 02:19:34Larry KirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001Series Synthesis and Close0:55:19 24M22
S-kl09mar02.mp3 04:50:52Larry KirkpatrickReal Grace in Romans 12-162002Continued study of t0:39:22 24M22
NSYNC - Chilis Baby Back Ribs.mp3 0.803.08.25 04:39:57*NSYNCChilis Baby Back Ribs2002Chilis Radio Commercial v2http://kirkpatrick.n0:00:54128S44
Rich_Kirkpatrick_-_Im_Your_Child.mp3 3.702.07.29 23:46:32Rich KirkpatrickI'm Your Child1997Vision0:03:57128S44
S-kl28sep02.mp3 4.503.11.09 01:16:23Larry KirkpatrickJesus, He Who Identified With20020:25:14 24M22
S-kl26jan02.mp310.202.01.26 23:08:35Larry KirkpatrickReal Grace in Romans Four2002Grace, Faith, and th0:56:47 24M22
Whhh.mp3 5.802.04.23 19:29:02Harvey KirkpatrickWestminster, Hold Him High2001Single0:04:52160S44
S-kl28jul01.mp3 05:37:54Larry kirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001Salvationin the Old Testament0:39:58 24M22
1284.mp3 0.502.11.24 05:57:31Wayne KirkpatrickArms of LoveThe Maple Room
Rich_Kirkpatrick_-_We_Cry_Abba.mp3 23:46:310:04:14128S44
S-kl02feb02.mp3 6.602.02.02 23:53:39Larry KirkpatrickReal Grace in Romans Five2002Continued series on God's grace0:37:05 24M22
Temptations Medley.mp3 4.502.04.03 01:07:18*NSYNCTemptations Medley2002Celebrity Tour 2002 - Houston, T
S-kl17aug02.mp3 9.802.08.24 06:17:44Larry KirkpatrickAt the Twilight's Last Gleamin2002Do not let the religious liberty0:54:46 24M22
S-kl14sep02.mp3 02:49:08Larry KirkpatrickJesus at the Jordan20020:39:59 24M22
S-kl27oct01.mp3 02:36:06Larry KirkpatrickI Want to Give My Heart to Jes2001SDA history, 1 Cor. 1:29-310:39:57 24M22
S-kl21sep02.mp311.303.08.31 03:11:06Larry KirkpatrickEveryone Must Turn the Wheel20021:03:00 24M22
S-kl14dec02.mp3 9.902.12.21 21:19:51Larry KirkpatrickA Seventh-day Adventist Philos2002The Great Controversy in the New0:55:07 24M22
S-kl09aug03.mp3 7.303.08.31 02:40:59Larry KirkpatrickAnother Gospel2003Paul's warning about false gospe0:41:03 24M22