X-COM Sound Effect and Music Collection for OpenXcom

Here you can find Sound Effect Sets and Music Sets for OpenXcom ready for use.


2014.06.29 New music set: Roland MT32 (rev2) - real hardware music - by skyhawk
2013.05.18 New music sets: Amiga CD32/AGA, Amiga ECS, MIDI - Yamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YXG50, UFO: Cydonia's Fall


These are Music Sets ready for use, you just have to copy the contents of the selected zip to OpenXcom/data/SOUND/ folder.
Watch out to not have other files with the same name in that folder. (eg. don't have a file named gmdefend.mp3 or gmdefend.mid when you want gmdefend.ogg to be played)
The files here are in OGG format (mostly).
- Why OGG?
- Because mp3 playback in OpenXcom is a little buggy due to the smpeg module.

Original Adlib music from the DOS version of UFO:EU in OGG format: Adlib-OGG.zip
Original Adlib music from the DOS version of UFO:EU in FLAC (Loss-Less) format: Adlib-FLAC.zip
This FLAC can also be used for OpenXcom, however this is a little bigger in size. (but it is a little higher quality)
Both of these files have been made for gapless playback, so it means several music in the game will play totally continously, (it is hard to notice when the music actually restarted) in an infinite loop.
Adlib music set is made by Volutar, thanks for him to his work!

Playstation (PSX) music set in OGG format: PSX.zip
This set is also a gapless version, i've made it gapless where i could (GMDEFEND, GMENBASE, GMGEO3, GMINTER, GMMARS, GMNEWMAR, GMTACTIC, GMTACTIC2).
The base files i have used to make this, can be found HERE.
Unfortunately, the intro music and the win music (GMWIN) are unavailable, so i had to copy those from elsewhere (MIDI with Roland SC-55).

Roland MT32 (rev2) - REAL hardware music set in OGG format: MT32-rev2.zip
This music set is gapless too.
Roland MT32 music set is made by skyhawk, thanks for him to his work!

Amiga CD32/AGA music set in OGG format: Amiga-CD32.zip
CD32 and AGA versions are the same, the only difference is that CD32 has GMTACTIC and intro music. This zip contains all tracks (CD32), and this music set is gapless too. Oh, and GMGEO1 and GMGEO2 are the same in this package, since there is only one Geoscape music in Amiga version of the game, but OpenXcom needs GMGEO2 also to work.

Amiga ECS music set in OGG format: Amiga-ECS.zip
Amiga ECS version is a little deficient, i had to copy these: GMDEFEND -> GMENBASE, GMSTORY -> GMLOSE, GMMARS -> GMNEWMAR (and GMGEO1 -> GMGEO2 of course for the same reason as before). And i had to copy intro musics and GMWIN from the CD32 version. This music set is gapless too.

UFO: Cydonia's Fall music set in OGG format: UFOCF.ZIP
I had to copy Lightning War -> GMENBASE. This music set is gapless too.

The following are the MIDI musics converted into OGG format with SynthFont.
Since the actual playback is depend on the SoundFont used for playback, and there are numerous SoundFonts available, i have made several converts with several SoundFonts used. You can download the SoundFont also, if you want to use that for conversion.

The Converted MIDI in OGG formatThe used SoundFont for conversion
MIDI-Yamaha_S-YXG50.zipYamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YXG50 (it's not an SF2)

These converted files are also have been cut to GAPless playback (which is not the case when you use the original .MID files for the game. GAPless: gmdefend gmenbase, gmgeo1, gminter, gmmars, gmnewmar, gmtactic), and i have balanced their volume level.

Of course there are thousands of SoundFonts which can be used for playback / convert, and i have just selected some of them. If you want to try other SoundFonts for playback / convert, i recommend this SoundFont pack: SoundFonts_-_The_Collection_Torrent.rar
This contains thousands of SoundFonts in a zipped torrent file. This pack also contains most of the sf2 files i linked above.
This is also useful

Here is the original MIDI music set: MIDI.zip
Although i don't recommend to use this, because: 1) Volume level with midi playback is very unbalanced. 2) The playback is not GAPless.
If you want to hear the MIDI music with Windows SoundFont (the way Windowses play back a midi) then i recommend the MS_GS_WVTB version, this is the Microsoft GS Wavetable, which is integrated into the Windowses. However i have noticed little differences between that and the true windows playback, mostly in GMSTORY, GMLOSE and in the intro, where one of the background soundeffect is shorter. And it seems the Roland_SC-55 version is very similar to the windows playback, it even plays back that mentioned soundeffect correctly. Maybe that's a better choice if you want Windows-MIDI sounds.

Sound Effects

These are Sound Effect Sets ready for use, you just have to copy the contents of the selected zip to OpenXcom/data/SOUND/ folder.
Watch out to not have other CAT files in that folder.

Original UFO: Enemy Unknown 1.0/1.2 DOS Sound Effect Set: UFO-EU_DOS_SOUNDS.ZIP
UFO: Collectors Edition (/GOLD) Windows / DOS 1.4 Sound Effect Set:UFO-CE_WIN_SOUNDS.ZIP

The 1.0/1.2 DOS set is adjusted by me, the base for it was UFO Voices patch (new version). It not only contains the original sound effects for death screams, but it contains also the intro cinematics original sound effects as well. And this is the part where i had to adjust, to sound more like the original.

Oh, and if you want to edit the sound effects, or just want to extract some sound effect from it: CAT File Packer / Unpacker (and SourceCode in Borland Delphi 7)

Made by Fenyo ;)