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Pokemon Moonlight Shadow.
Pokemon El Profeta.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Pokemon.mp3 1.403.10.14 21:48:000:02:03 96S44
The Chorus.mp3 4.402.11.04 22:39:06
Groovejet.mp3 01:39:340:04:15128S44
Bedu Pako Bara Masa.mp3 3.502.08.26 17:50:180:03:44128S44
Janjiku.mp3 1.703.04.26 02:24:460:07:27 32M22
Innu Auassat.mp3 3.20:03:21128S44
Tuan.mp3 18:17:320:04:20128S44
From A Distance.mp3 1.902.08.19 14:25:550:03:11
The Prince Of Egypt.mp3 3.20:03:21128S44
Khat.mp3 8.303.04.15 11:24:000:34:56 32M22
Julie London.mp373.504.05.12 15:14:521:16:37128S44
Fanaa.mp3 20:22:330:07:24128M44
Tuan.mp3 0.703.07.18 12:08:560:00:39160M44
Les Choristes.mp312.404.08.01 00:12:190:12:57128S44
Jaques Brel.mp3 9.804.05.16 02:16:020:10:15128S44
Jaques Brel.mp3 7.304.05.15 05:10:030:07:41128S44
Close To You.mp3 3.20:03:21128S44
Gai Xuan.mp3 7.304.05.15 04:28:560:07:36128S44
Two Blondes.mp312.004.07.31 17:29:10
Main Teri Hoon.mp3 5.304.05.15 03:48:330:05:32128S44
Army Of Love.mp3 6.303.10.29 22:33:170:06:39128S44
Then She Farted.mp3 7.903.10.29 21:49:400:08:17128S44

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Leja Leja Deestylistic Lord Pedro Buffy.
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