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Carissa's Wierd - September Come Tak 9.303.10.15 15:16:37Carissa's WierdSeptember Come Take This HeartSongs About Leaving0:06:28
04 LITTLE SUNSET.mp3 19:45:12The New CarissaLITTLE SUNSET1999That 5th tank feeling0:01:45160S44
03 THE NEW CARISSA (STBI).mp3 19:43:59The New CarissaTHE NEW CARISSA (STBI)1999That 5th tank feeling0:03:28160S44
05 No City.mp3 19:47:36The New CarissaNo city1999That 5th tank feeling0:03:28160S44
09 WASHED UP.mp3 2.401.04.30 19:53:21The New CarissaWASHED UP1999That 5th tank feeling0:02:02160S44
10 LINCOLN CITY.mp3 19:55:05The New CarissaLINCOLN CITY1999That 5th tank feeling0:01:50160S44
Carissa's Wierd - One Night 5.403.06.11 03:56:330:04:31160S44
02 BACKBREAKER.mp3 2.901.04.30 19:40:44The New CarissaBACKBREAKER1999That 5th tank feeling0:02:28160S44
Carissas Weird - You Should Be Hated 3.503.06.11 02:07:14carissa's wierdyou should be hated heresongs about leavingTrack 10:03:41128S44
08 NISQUALLY, OLD NISQUALLY.mp3 4.401.04.30 19:51:56The New CarissaNISQUALLY, OLD NISQUALLY1999That 5th tank feeling0:03:44160S44
01 DEVIL ON LEFT SHOULDER.mp3 1.401.04.30 19:41:35The New CarissaDEVIL ON LEFT SHOULDER1999That 5th tank feeling0:01:13160S44
07 YOU'D MAKE A DANGEROUS SCRABBLE P 0.801.04.30 19:53:49The New CarissaYOU'D MAKE A DANGEROUS SCRABBL1999That 5th tank feeling0:00:40160S44
06 FORGET THEIR EYES.mp3 19:49:21The New CarissaFORGET THEIR EYES1999That 5th tank feeling0:02:30160S44
They'll Only Miss You When You Leave 5.404.01.17 22:43:16Carissa's WierdThey'll Only Miss You When YouCarissa's Wierd-Live @ Graceland0:05:39128S44
Youarelovely.mp3 09:21:40Carissa HawronskyYou are Lovely2002Still0:03:17128S44
Grace_frag.mp3 0.502.07.15 09:19:13Carissa HawronskyGrace - fragment0:00:33128M44
Lordyour_frag.mp3 0.502.07.15 09:18:46Carissa HawronskyLord, Your Beautiful - fragmen0:00:36128M44
Inthepalm.mp3 2.402.07.15 09:22:47Carissa HawronskyIn the Palm of Your Hand2002Still0:02:32128S44
Inthepalm_frag.mp3 0.602.07.15 09:19:02Carissa HawronskyIn the Palm of Your Hand - fra0:00:43128M44
Grace.mp3 3.902.07.15 09:24:38Carissa HawronskyGrace2002Still0:04:08128S44
Youarelovely_frag.mp3 0.502.07.15 09:18:35Carissa HawronskyYou are Lovely - fragment0:00:36128M44
Lordyour.mp3 1.602.07.15 09:20:01Carissa HawronskyLord, Your Beautiful2002Still0:01:43128S44
Why Do.mp3 4.604.02.26 22:08:21Carissa Danielle01 Why Do-1No More Games0:04:50128S44
Carissa.mp3 3.804.05.07 22:36:14Midwest Dilemma - Carissa0:04:03128S44
Carissa's Wierd - Waiting For A Supe 4.303.09.24 10:11:110:04:34128S44
Superhero.mp3 3.604.10.01 22:07:16Carissa's WierdSo You Wanna Be A SuperheroSongs About LeavingNMP3s - hosted by Ruhollah Khome0:03:49128S44