About Yugo Florida 1.3EFI

This is an engine with direct electronic fuel injection (Bosch system). Basic features of engine: 1300ccm, 4cyl., 2valve/cyl., 48kW (65HP). Acceleration 0-100 14s. There is a microchip (computer) which is connected with engine and all important parts of car by sensors and that computer controls brakes, lights, pressure of oil, parts of engine etc. and when something is not OK, you can see that on control table. As I said engine is the best in car, but some parts in cabin of car are not done well, and the biggest defect is impedantic in assembling of parts. Foil is durable, it is good point also. Seating on back seat is comfortable because of much space for legs (more than Lada Samara, Golf II, Golf III, BMW 318). Also Florida has a big space for luggage. Control table, seats, linen on the door are done very simply. There are not many changes on this car from 1987 when 1st Florida is fabricated. Florida does not have security options (airbags) and radio in sale. Even, you cannot choose some things which you want to have in your new car because of economic situation in my country. At the end I can decide that Florida is car which belong to medium class of car. It has some good and bad points. And if this car do not be improved in recent years (as from 1987 till today) it will become out-of-date automobile.

Novica Dimic (YU)

Yugo Florida 1.3EFI

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