Yugo Koral (Tempo)

Z102: 45, 45A, 55, 55A, 65A, 65AGLX, GV, GVL, GVX, GV Plus

In the middle of the seventies, Zastava management decided to develop a new model, based on FIAT engine. It was styled by Zastava, with help of engineers of the FIAT. It was supposed to be called Zastava 102, but later on in 1981 it was presented as Yugo 45. Examples were made with the 903cc, 1100cc, and 1300cc engines.
After some year the front of the car, and the rear lights changed. In the end of the 90's the grille changed to plastic. The Koral got a new name: Tempo.

  Koral from 1984
  Yugo GV Plus Automatic
  The Koral FL model
  The current Koral IN model
  The new Koral model introduced in 2002 Belgrade Motor Show

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Yugo Ciao

Rihgt steering

The Yugo models that imported to the United States were:

Engine : 1.1 , Fuel System: Carburated, Power: 58 HP, Transmission: 4 speed manual
GV the base model
GVL same engine and transmission as the GV but came with more luxuries and creature comforts, such as automatic seat belts and air conditioning.
GVS which added more features including a 4-speaker stereo.

GVX, Cabrio:
Engine :
1.3 , Fuel System: Carburated, Power: 61 HP, Transmission: 5 speed manual
GVX the "sport" model. It also had fog lights and a rear window wiper.
Cabrio came standard with fog lights. The folding top on the Cabrio came down electronically when a switch on the dashboard was flipped.

1990 GV Plus:
1.3 liter, Fuel System: Multiport Fuel Injection,
68 HP, Transmission: 5 speed manual

GV plus The most prominent feature of this car was its electronic fuel injection system.
It also had a better steering wheel angle than previous cars.

1991 GV Plus:
1.3 liter, Fuel System: Multiport Fuel Injection,
68 HP, Transmission: 4 speed automatic

These models were same the European, plus they have side markers.

Technical datas:

Body: 3 door hatchback, 5 seats
Engine: 4 cylinder, serial, water-cooled, front, crosswise
Fuel: Super, unleaded
Tyres: 165 / 70 Rx13
Length: 3490 mm
Width: 1542 mm
Height: 1335 mm
Wheelbase: 2150 mm
Gauge front/rear: 1308/1312 mm
Boot capacity: 170/450 dm3
Fuel tank capacity: 34 l
Max. load: 400 kg
Towing with braked trailer: 800 kg
Towing with non braked trailer: 500 kg
Transmission: Front wheel drive; one plate, dry clutch; Porsche and Borg Wargner 5+R speed gearbox.
(4+R speed gearbox at Koral 45)
Steering wheel: rack and pinion
Turning circle: 9,5 m
Suspension front: independent; double action shock absorbers
Suspension rear: independent; cross leaf spring functioning as stabilizer
Brake system: 2 circle hydraulic, servo assisted
(Koral 55, 60, 65 i 65 EFI)
Front brake (d): disk, 227 mm
Rear brake (d): drum, 186 mm
Engine Oil: 4 litres 20w50 oil
Cooling system liquid: 7 litres antifreeze
Firing order: 1-3-4-2
Battery: 34 Ah (55 Ah Koral EFI)
Alternator with electronic regulator: 45 A (55 A Koral EFI)
Electric starter: 800 W
Ignition system: electronic, BOSH system (contact at Koral 45)
Distribution system: OHC (BC at Koral 45)


Koral 45

Koral 55

Koral 60

Koral 65

Koral 65 EFI

Engine capacity






Bore x stroke mm

65 x 68

80 x 55,55

80 x 55,55

86,4 x 55,5

86,4 x 55,5

Compression ratio






Max. Power KW(HP)@rpm






Max. torque Nm@rpm






Distribution system

Single-neck carburator IPM 32 MGV 33

Single-neck carburator IPM 32 MGV 12

Double-neck carburator WEBER 7Y 2M-RA

Double-neck carburator WEBER 7Y 2M-RA


Kerb weight

750 kg

790 kg

790 kg

840 kg

850 kg

Max. velocity

135 km/h

145 km/h

150 km/h

155 km/h

160 km/h

Acceleration 0-100km/h

20 sec

17 sec

15 sec

14 sec

14 sec


135 Rx13

145 SR 13

145 Rx13

155/70 Rx13

155/70 Rx13

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