Yugo Skala Poly

This is a pick-up and hard top van version of the base Skala, which is producing in the Zastava's factory for special cars in Sombor. The factory, part of the 47-member Zastava Group, specializes in manufacturing pick-ups.

  Skala Poly versions

Technical datas:

Body: Pick-up, 2 seats
Length: 3840 mm
Width: 1590 mm
Height: 1448 mm
Axle distance: 2150 mm
Gauge front/rear: 1308/1313 mm
Cargo space: 2.7 m3
Freight capacity: 500 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 36 l
Tyres: 165/70 Rx13
Weight: 830 kg
Transmission: Front wheel drive; one plate, dry clutch;
Porsche and Borg Wargner 4+R speed gearbox.
Turning circle: 10,3 m
Brake system: 2 circle hydraulic, servo assisted
Front brake (d): disk, 227 mm
Rear brake (d): drum, 186 mm
Engine: 4 cylinder, serial, water-cooled.
Fuel: Super, unleaded
Engine capacity: 1116 cm3
Bore x stroke: 80 x 55,5 mm
Compression ratio: 9,2
Power: 40.5(55) KW(HP) @ 6000 o/min
Max. moment: 77.5 Nm @ 3000 o/min
Ignition system: electronic, Bosch system
Fuel system: one neck carburator IPM32 MGV12
Max. velocity: 135 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 16 sec
Acceleration 0-1000 m: 38 sec

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