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Hévíz and its environs

"There is a lake in Hungary where dies sorrow"

Hévíz is the most well-known tourist and medical centre in Hungary. There can be found the biggest thermal lake in the world, on a 4.4 hectare big field.

Water erupt from a 38 m deep source, the average temperature is 33-35 Celsius degrees, and it is not below 26 Celsius degrees even in winter.

The miraculous effects of the lake have been discovered so early, it is good for nervous, locomotor diseases, and rheumatic, gynecological disasters. A treatment in hévíz is not only for rehabilitation but for prevention, relaxation, and refreshing.

Egregy is 1.5 km away from the city centre, that keeps the traditional village atmosphere. The wineyard is famous for its hot wine, and there is a harvest fiesta every year. There has been a wine producing tradition since the Middle Ages.

Hévíz is waits for the guests all year!