My portrait "Becoming an artist is a fierce struggle. The first creation of an artist, therefore is always himself." /Antonius Constantinus/

If we can discover what art means to an artist, this can reveal the nature of the artist's intention.
I believe any real artist is also a philosopher.
Art is a projected interpretion of this philosophy. It is a practical knowledge of an inpractical deed.
Schopenhauer said, "art is a luxury", and I believe this very luxury is essential to the stability of any given culture.

What my work means to me

Anything that I do creatively is an artistic endeavor. When I photograph, I follow my instincts rather than over-plan. My instincts have developed over time so that I can put my trust in them. By the way, artistic talent is not a "gift". I believe it to be a kind of curse. The average person is really blessed with no creativity. Talent inspires and provokes action. An artist can never rest. Thought is an action too. Could there be a correlation between substance abuse and creative people?

The most important thing

In life, health is most important. In art, health is also important; the health of the creative process. We all need to be stimulated. Art can play this role of provocateur, stimulateur, and muse in anyone's life.

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