Bburago Bluetooth Car (Shell promotion) 

The Hungarian Shell pleased us again with a Bluetooth toy car promotion, this time with Ferrari models branded as Bburago.

I have a Nissan Formula-e car (made by Brandbase) from the previous campaign, and I was curious to see the differences.

Fortunately my colleague SJ already scored one and allowed me to take it apart.

The construction is a bit different: the battery/electronics unit is built-in unlike the Brandbase one:

The steering is similar (dc motor without end limits):

Main PCB marking: KCE210119

Smart, module based design.
BLE MCU marked with YC1063 UG6860. Possibly YiChip YC1063 Many thanks to David for the tip!
Two (supposedly H bridge) SOT-23-2 marked with SA1016 (U2 and U6).
Lipo charger marked with B137 70pJ.

Battery has 100 mAh printed on it and it is supposed to be a Huahui HFC1025 LiFePo4? single cell.

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