About me

Bzmot332 is my nickname, the IRL one is Zsolt. I live in Budapest, Hungary. I've been a Highscool student since 2011. I have always been a big fan of the equipments of the public transport since when I was very-very young. I found the BVE in 2008-2009, and later I started to make add-ons to it. I became famous in the world of BVE, in 2011 I became the member of the BVEKLUB, and I'm really proud of it. There's a lot of exteriors inconnection with my name, for example the modding of Bvemetrů's underground cars, the exterior of the Ganz G2 and the Alstom metrocar. Lately I've made some Suburban Railway (H…V) trains. In fact, if something is very bad, BETA, really-really low detailed, I usually mention it - fortunately I haven't made any big disagreements about it yet. If somewhere my nickname is mentioned, they usually don't speak about bad, BETA, low-detailed stuff, and I'm proud of that too. Because of that I try to make my best at every add-on. Unfortunately nowadays I'm not so active, but I always work on something, and try to help out people.


e-mail adress

You can also find me at the topic of the Index Forum, named "BVE Train", or at the BVEKLUB forum.