Our applications


AnaQui (Anatmoy Quiz) is a our first project and we are really happy about it's realese. With our user friendly interface we hope our quiz app helps everyone who has some interest in anatomy.

Application features:

  • User profile
  • Short user history (if the user logged in)
  • 12 topics (Skeletal system, Nervous system, etc...)
  • 500+ questions
  • 4 answers for each question (only one is correct)
  • User defined question quantity
  • Scoreboard

AnaQui is realesed on Android, Windows an iOS. Please find the links below:

AnaQui AnaQui AnaQui
Software development


MusIn (Muscle Inpsector) a is 3D appliaction that is our next project. It is still in work-in-progress phase. Our plan is to realese it 2023 mid summer.

Application features:

  • Rotatable 3D model
  • Description panel for every muscle
  • Animation for every muscle
  • Muscle identification test
  • Scoreboard

MusIn will be realesed on Android, Windows an iOS. Links coming soon!

Software development
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