Guest House Csabai

Familiar our mood Guest House Bük bath about 2km finding one quite by-street. Bük does not capture village's center couple hundred metre take place. The village restaurants, Bank, barber shop, cosmetics, masseur, dentistry, surgery finding. Demanding furnished cosily and our rooms 2 concubine. Separate bath, satellite television and terrace. Guest's resource one mood living room, kitchen (gas-ring, fridge, coffee percolator and so on ...) and serves one dining wear.

We warrant cars for guest house's closed courtyard parking potential.

Medicinal Bath Bük

Should you like to relax, recover or recreate, we recommend you to pay a visit to resort Bükfürdo, one of the most well-known and most-liked medicinal bath of Western Hungary.


It is located 210 km from the capital of Hungary, Budapest and 20 km from the Austrian border in a nicely parked, calm environment with favorable sub-alpine climate. The area abounding in sights, services of high standard, all make sure that you will recover or relax in tranquil surroundings. The healing power of the thermal waters was already known by the ancient Romans. They took special care to preserve both their physical and mental health. Today, we think about health the same way, it being the most precious treasure of humans. The medicinal waters of Bük with effective healing power provides you help either in easing or ceasing your sanitary complaints.
The medicinal waters has a high content of calcium, magnesium, fluoride and hydro-carbonate, making it perfect for treating rheumatic and orthopedic illnesses, calcification, osteoporosis, lumbago, arthritis, cartilage abrasion, gynaecological problems as well as for post-treatments after accidents. Medicinal services: massage, aquagym, weight bath, electrotherapy, drug packing, individual and group hygienical gymnastics, laser acupuncture, oxygene therapy, reflex and Thai-massage. The bathing resort is not only for those who suffer from sanitary problems, but it can also offer you recreational facilities, should you like to spend your time actively. Guests are welcome with a nicely parked area of 13 hectares, many indoor and half-indoor swimming pools, paddling pools, waterslide, pool with undisturbed smooth surface and a recreation bath, where you may indulge in the whitewater channel, water jet feeling and jacuzzi beds. Bük has several facilities to offer for you as how to spend your pastime full of experience. You may as well try horse-riding, tennis, bowling or you could explore the surrounding nature by taking excursions either on foot or on a bicycle. There are famous towns with historic relevance nearby called Sopron, Koszeg, Fertod and Szombathely, providing you with many popular sights as well as cultural specialities just to make your recreation more memorable.