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numerating available SQL Servers. Retrieving databases on a SQL Server
How to call the help file for the application's help file
Making a screen shot (Windows has trouble with big resolutions)
How to store the contents of a TRichEdit into a Paradox blob field while maintaining formatting
Check if a console application is running in full screen mode


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660 How to activate the previous instance of an application (Views: 10)
1085 How to add a calculated field to a dynamically created TTable (Views: 13)
426 How to add a menu item to the Windows Taskbar popup menu (Views: 11)
866 How to add a string and an integer value to the items property of a TListBox (Views: 16)
1171 How to add all paper bins of an active printer to a TListBox (Views: 21)
1162 How to add data to the columns PickList property of a TDBGrid at runtime (Views: 9)
356 How to add items of a TListBox as sub-items to a selected tree node (Views: 11)
495 How to add items to a program's system menu (Views: 11)
74 How to add items to a TComboBox upon an [ENTER] key press (Views: 13)
454 How to add items to a TComboBox upon an [ENTER] key press (2) (Views: 13)
375 How to add text completion capability to a TComboBox (Views: 32)
2035 How to adjust a memo to the height required to show all text without scrollbars (Views: 10)
632 How to adjust RGB values using TTrackBar (Views: 16)
847 How to adjust the width of THeaderControl sections automatically, when the first section is resized (Views: 13)
1783 How to allow only one instance of an application (Views: 10)
1236 How to animate a window while opening a form (Views: 11)
1263 How to anti-alias text (Views: 67)
1969 How to append formatted text to an existing formatted text in a TRichEdit component (Views: 12)
1063 How to apply the Windows Shutdown screen effect to a bitmap (Views: 13)
681 How to assign a new path to a TTable at runtime (Views: 27)
1865 How to assign a system variable to a Session.PrivateDir (Views: 11)
1567 How to assign a TImage to a TBitmap at runtime (Views: 13)
1776 How to assign all property values of one class to another instance of the same class (Views: 13)
1100 How to assign an application to have a smaller percentage of the CPU cycles (Views: 27)
1289 How to assign an EditMask of 000.00 to a TDBEdit (Views: 11)
1551 How to assign multiple TEdit fields to variables (Views: 13)
1374 How to assign the system time to a TDateField (Views: 9)
1598 How to attach a file inside a DLL or executable (Views: 9)
241 How to attach a popup menu to a TMenuItem at runtime (Views: 14)
1893 How to automatically delete records in a database after 30 days (Views: 8)
642 How to automatically drop down the lookup list in a TDBGrid (Views: 28)
320 How to automatically set the font color according to the background color (Views: 13)
1628 How to autoscale a TBitmap while keeping the aspect ratio (Views: 12)
2118 How to autosize a TDBGrid (Views: 9)
2133 How to autosize columns in a TDBGrid (Views: 37)
1571 How to avoid direct input into a TDBGrid when there is a lookup list available (Views: 23)
1313 How to avoid flicker when moving or sizing a MDI child form (Views: 7)
1231 How to avoid flicker when moving or sizing a MDI child form (2) (Views: 12)
1215 How to avoid flicker when switching a TForm from fsNormal to fsStayOnTop (Views: 14)
573 How to avoid palette problems with a TImage / TBitmap (Views: 16)
1216 How to avoid the "Drive A Not Ready" error (Views: 6)
1715 How to Backup and Restore the content of a TreeView (Views: 33)
103 How to blend two pf24bit images using ScanLine (Views: 11)
516 How to blend two TBitmap's (Views: 23)
228 How to blend two TBitmap's (2) (Views: 28)
1158 How to blend two TBitmap's (3) (Views: 7)
536 How to break strings into individual tokens (substrings) (Views: 12)
979 How to build sets of letters for the currently selected language (Views: 10)
2114 How to calculate Easter Day for a specified year (Views: 15)
2150 How to calculate intersection points of lines or line sections with rectangles (Views: 28)

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