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How to get a list of Parallel ports on a PC
Add an extra button to the caption bar of your form
How to use Randomize so that the same value is not chosen more than once (2)
How to draw dotted or dashed lines using a pen with a width greater than 1
Copy a menu item from a TMainMenu to an empty popup menu


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2125 How to compare two images pixel by pixel (Views: 14845)
519 How to compare two pf24bit images (Views: 14863)
923 How to compare two strings and measure the percentage they match (Views: 14831)
649 How to compute the centroid of a polygon (Views: 14842)
1232 How to connect a TRadioGroup to a TCheckListBox (Views: 14850)
1672 How to connect or disconnect all tables in a datamodule (Views: 14836)
1309 How to connect to a mySQL database (Views: 14831)
1301 How to control focus in a MDI application (Views: 14828)
1000 How to control the hint position (Views: 14846)
1400 How to control the MIDI speaker output volume (Views: 14855)
1205 How to control the positioning of MDI child forms (Views: 14824)
146 How to control the print margins when printing a TRichEdit (Views: 14838)
736 How to control the scroll buffer of a TMemo (Views: 14859)
172 How to control the volume of an audio card without disturbing the balance (Views: 14839)
1003 How to control where text is dropped into a TMemo (Views: 14822)
2111 How to convert a *.bmp file to a *.jpg file (Views: 14826)
1207 How to convert a bitmap or icon to Hex code (Views: 14933)
344 How to convert a currency value into a string (Views: 14860)
1425 How to convert a cursor file into a bitmap (Views: 14859)
1139 How to convert a hex color to its HTML counterpart (Views: 14835)
739 How to convert a Paradox table to a fixed length ASCII table (Views: 14859)
1441 How to convert a String To a PChar and PChar to String (Views: 17239)
2044 How to convert a string to DateTime using a format mask (Views: 14843)
1891 How to convert a TMemoryStream to an OLE variant and vice versa (Views: 14888)
1265 How to convert a truecolor bitmap to greyscale (Views: 14858)
2192 How to convert a word wrap in a TMemo to a CR/LF (Views: 14854)
1594 How to convert accented characters to unaccented ones (Views: 14878)
1611 How to convert an integer value to a Roman Numeral representation (Views: 14837)
880 How to convert decimal numbers to fractions (Views: 14822)
1669 How to convert extended characters into their HTML character entities (Views: 14861)
727 How to convert TColor values to RGB or HLS values and vice versa (Views: 14980)
1168 How to convert the content of a TRichEdit into a bitmap (Views: 14833)
1403 How to convert the mouse coordinates into a line and character offset in a TRichEdit (Views: 14840)
933 How to convert UNIX time to TDateTime and vice versa (Views: 14829)
1097 How to copy a *.bmp file from a floppy disc to a blob field (Views: 14859)
430 How to copy a 2D array with picture greylevels to an image (Views: 14826)
1587 How to copy a 2D array with picture greylevels to an image (2) (Views: 14837)
2026 How to copy a bitmap, picture or metafile from the clipboard? (Views: 14844)
465 How to copy a polygon region from one bitmap to another (Views: 14845)
1057 How to copy a record from one table to another (Views: 14859)
52 How to copy a running program to a given folder (Views: 14834)
576 How to copy all files from one directory to another (Views: 15163)
1950 How to copy all files from one directory to another (2) (Views: 14840)
745 How to copy all settings from a MenuItem made at designtime to a MenuItem created at runtime (Views: 14845)
1492 How to copy data from a TMemoryStream to a string without using an array of char as buffer (Views: 14823)
1733 How to copy folders from one drive to another (Views: 14852)
950 How to copy multiple files into one (Views: 14831)
2112 How to copy multiple files into one (2) (Views: 14864)
1766 How to copy one TRichEdit to another (Views: 14868)
497 How to copy records to the same table (Views: 14822)

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