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Rocket tank
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Rocket tank

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以前的更新: 2018.07.08.

2019.01.29. 17:07h TheBads: Spring 2019. Gameplay footage included! ;)
2019.01.31. 17:02h AntraxRaFi: Úgy érzem elérkezett a várva várt feltámadás ideje emberek
2019.02.01. 03:25h Reallyray: On Steam there will be SWINE HD Remaster on 2019 Spring,will you all buy it there or patch it based on how the new way is to play muiti.I\'d like to try the new game anyway.Money is not a big problem,but hoping not expensive.
2019.02.01. 16:11h TheBads: Game will cost 10 eur
2019.02.04. 08:17h Orcbite: hype is real haha lets go spring :D
2019.02.04. 21:25h Killer72: Already on my wishlist^^
2019.03.05. 13:45h Reallyray: Could anyone tell me when we can buy and play the new S.W.I.N.E.?2019 Spring will pass so soon.
2019.03.05. 13:53h Reallyray: Thank you very much for Kite Games\' New Year Greetings for Chinese Spring Festival at 2019.2.04.One of my members saw it online,although late at time.We Chinese S.W.I.N.E. players are mounts from the players of anti-second-hand version of the new S.W.I.N.E.
2019.03.05. 13:55h Reallyray: Best Wishes for S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster and for all the people work for the games and all the players.
2019.03.06. 00:32h Krzeszny: Woah, Steam! If I could have influence on something, please, make all units in multiplayer good. Rock-paper-scissors style. Mortar+rocket got boring many years ago. Make tank destroyers great again!
2019.03.06. 00:35h Krzeszny: Also the skill ceiling is very high. Average players have no chance against pros.
2019.03.22. 20:20h KirilllioN_RUS: I\'m so glad that my childhood will be live for a long time, and of course in my game library in Steam!!! x) THANK GOD!
2019.03.31. 14:28h TheBads: Some exclusive info:Game was supposed to be released (Steam Release Date) March 5, 2019 – 09:00:00 UTC Also good old Publishers being Pigs (like in that trailer. Left - small rabbit awesome kite games, right - pig, assemble, being shown first as if they did more work) According to the agreement with the publisher, we are not allowed to share any builds or sensitive information
2019.03.31. 14:31h TheBads: Also I love the fact, that I was the one emailing Kite Games back in 2015, wayyy before their first game was announced....
2019.05.15. 15:21h TheBads: Could it be that Digi patch will be discontinued, and instead his work will be only on S.W.I.N.E. HD starting the release day?
2019.05.15. 20:06h TheBads: I\'ll be doing giveaway of Swine HD as a thank you for early days and support of winners will be picked using good old, random name picker
2019.05.17. 04:07h Reallyray: Hi,bads.I downloaded Panzers PAK Unpacker and it says swine01.pak is not a PAK file.How to solve this?
2019.05.18. 18:18h TheBads: Probably old PAK Unpacker version, corrupted pak, or digi\'s supracrypt
2019.05.18. 18:19h TheBads: I\'m out of S.W.I.N.E. stuff for the most part, and it\'s been quite a while since last time I\'ve touched swine. Press F to pay respects to Kite Games >:(
2019.05.23. 15:19h TheBads: Edvárd Cziffra (Edi, Digi)#Domonkos Józsa (Domi) sad not to see myself here
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