Rocket tank
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Rocket tank

接下来的 猪兔大战 聚会日期:
2017.09.15., 2017.12.23.

约 26 天了

The Qtracker server is shutting down in august.
The Qtracker server will not be available for S.W.I.N.E. after 2017.08.01., so please download and install GameRanger program.
- Like on "GameSpy", it lists the online running games and You can chat online.
- It support S.W.I.N.E. and many other games too.
- After a short registration, You can play S.W.I.N.E. online.

GameRanger server


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2.3.9 HD R16 版 安装程序


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猪兔大战 1.9 版








2.3.9 HD unit properties

以前的更新: 2017.07.11.

2017.07.23. 14:50h Digi: Szia Antrax! Nevezd át a \"swine 2.3.9 HD R16.exe\" programot \"swine.exe\"-re és hozz létre egy üres fájl \"swine01.pak\" néven. Ekkor ki fogod tudni választani a játékot a GameRangerben :). Írtam a GameRangernek, hogy jó lenne, ha elfogadnák a játékot úgy, ahogy van, így remélhetőleg nem kel mindenkinek átneveznie a játékot.
2017.07.29. 09:49h SuicideHotline: The new version is amazing! Until now i was playing on \'old\' 1.9 without noticing these 2.3.9 updates until i found this page ^.^ finally i can try MP action, before i was just watching Digi\'s SP/MP vids (:
2017.07.29. 16:42h hopefully more people know this game THANKS TO ME :D i\'m and steakhal are mentioned.
2017.07.31. 16:41h Alanitp: Hello, Digi, say please, how you create your own maps?
2017.08.01. 12:50h Reallyray: I can still enter Qtracker now.
2017.08.01. 12:55h Reallyray: Digi has ever told me to use codename panzers pashe two or hexeditor to design maps , I remember.
2017.08.02. 15:54h TheBads: Guided SWINE Map Making =2 \"Leírás a pályaszerkesztéshez\"
2017.08.04. 21:20h Alanitp: I think, guide will be very useful for me(in ideal video guide)
2017.08.05. 20:09h TheBads: No one ever done that and never will. It\'s not really Worth it...
2017.08.07. 23:44h buggy08: Hi! Who can come to play? on the party? its members only?
2017.08.08. 13:54h buggy08: Hello my Qtracker still works.
2017.08.09. 11:29h TheBads: I have uploaded 333networks mentioning SWINE to Discord . . 2464/344771819984650240/AltQtracker.PNG
2017.08.09. 11:30h TheBads: 464/344771819984650240/AltQtracker.PNG
2017.08.09. 11:31h TheBads: looks like your sender skips numbers 294085265973182464 *slash / * 344771819984650240/AltQtracker.PNG
2017.08.09. 14:49h TheBads: Just tryed qtracker. Still up and running! (Try for your self if you don\'t believe) There was guy \"Buggy08\" when I connected
2017.08.09. 21:11h Buggy08: Hi guys anyone for a game?.
2017.08.12. 13:15h Reallyray: Finally Qtracker may be closed by someone unwelcome now.I can \'t enter it on this multiplayer party date,just wasn \'t as same as today morning when I did the same thing.
2017.08.12. 13:18h Reallyray: Many thanks for the all S.W.I.N.E. people.
2017.08.13. 04:42h Reallyray: I can enter Qtracker at my aunt\'s home now.
2017.08.16. 14:10h TheBads: Site (digi only, not atw) was down previous day. It gave 404

2015.12.28. 入门

2017.08.01. Leáll a Qtracker, a GameRanger-re átállunk.

InterCity révén létrejött egy új S.W.I.N.E. szerver, melyet a Qtracker biztosít.

2014.07.26. ~17:00h, Leállt a GameSpy, a Gameranger korszak elkezdődött.


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