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How to host?
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- 1. Enable Your firewall!
- 2. Enable the game through the firewall!
- 3. Enable Microsoft DirectPlay8 server through the firewall!

- 4. Enable DMZ Host!
- 5. Scroll down on this site!

In S.W.I.N.E.:
The Internal IP address always start with 192.168.... but the end is variable. For example on the picture View Your Internal IP address in S.W.I.N.E. in "Main menu" -> "Multiplayer" -> "Internet game - direct IP" menu. Note: Do not use (Start menu) "CMD" for this task!

In a Webbrowser:
Open Your router user interface! Try the links below! If it does not open anything immediately, then close it and try the next link:
If it ask user name and password then "admin" and "admin". Open all menu and search for "DMZ" text. Watch the video (click here)!
Enable DMZ Host! In the IP area write the IP address what is in S.W.I.N.E.. Save it! If You do not switch on Your computer for some day Your internal IP address can change. In this case You have to update Your router to the new IP.

In Your computer:
Switch on Your firewall and allow the game and Microsoft DirectPlay8 server through the firewall.
When You would like to host then switch off Avast / Nod32 Antivirus for 1-2 hours, because these blocks Your host. Maybe other Antiviruses can block too. If You have Hamachi programm, then switch that off!
After DMZ Host enabled, (firewall ?) and Antivirus switched off, now theoretically should work. That is not poblem, if You do not see Your own host, but ask others, that they see Your host or not. It happened that the host was invisible but from "Internet game - direct IP" menu we could join. For the other players You have to give Your external IP address (click here).

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