Aisha Von Hanfburg x Konan Von Hause Sommer


The Von Hanfburg is a Hungarian working line kennel.

Aisha Von Hanfburg is a nice family dog, have a very balanced behavior, but she have a very strong protective and prey instincts. She "became a dragon" if she have to work.

Aisha's Working dog: Check

- Her Father is Pascha Von Rangau from Germany.
(About Pascha:Check )

- Her Mother is Fellegvár Rott Thunder Zserbó from Hungary.
(She have very strong insticts, and very balanced behavior like her daughter ) 


When she was Puppy

10 Month


About 18 month


Konan Von Hause Sommer

Konan's Working Dog:

Pictures: http://sommer.infornax.hu/youngdogs.htm

- His father is the famous Elvis Von Der Mühlbachstrasse from Germany.
About Elvis: Check
ADRK Video: Check

- His Mother is Princess Von Hause Sommer from Hungary.
About Princess:Check  

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