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IFHEMA International Cup!

The International Federation of Historical European Martial Arts announces the First International Federation of Histrorical European Martial Arts International Cup, which takes place the first time in Hungary in 2015!

International Cup

The first IFHEMA International Cup in history is an outstanding event for all HEMA followers all over the World. Our history revives and becomes real as people wielding historical weapons fill a whole arena and fight with modern equipement within modern confines.


In the first year of the IFHEMA International Cup the event takes place in Hungary. The location offers various opportunities to have a wonderful time as well as taking part in a professional sword championship.


About HEMA

Historical European Martial Arts is a worldwide movement aiming towards safe and efficient practice of European martial heritage. HEMA can be practiced either as martial arts or martial (combat) sports. The practice is based on research and study of sources that recorded martial arts within European territories and European spheres of influence. HEMA is to be considered separate from modern sports such as fencing, wrestling, boxing, savate and similar, since most of the modern sports are based on regulations created from the late nineteenth century onward.

this Art consists not in reasoning, but in doing: therefore to him that is desirous to prove so cunning in this Art, as is needful, It is requisite not only that he be able to judge, but also that he be strong and active to put in execution all that which his judgment comprehends and sees

G. DiGrassi (1594)