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Last update: 15.05.2017.
Szövegdoboz:                               Kókler Troupe Hungary
Szövegdoboz: Szövegdoboz: 16.02.2012.— 10.06.2012. Lifeshow on the water in 2 and 3 d
Szövegdoboz: 17.02.2011. The Little Man’s Tragedy
Szövegdoboz: 31.05.2010. „Teachers’ Day” at the Budapest City Hall
Szövegdoboz:  In 2009 we performed at the 50 years anniversary of our school with great success.
Szövegdoboz: „Only a Joke” tours in Hungary in 2009
Szövegdoboz: Programs in 1988-2017. HDMM 1. 
Szövegdoboz: HDMM 2. (Network of Drama and Media Teaching in Local Schools)
Szövegdoboz: 10.06.2012. Lifeshow on the water - in Ordu

 Important message:

 2012/4/15 bmd aggawal <>

 Dear Mr. Z.T.Papp

We thankfully acknowledge your application and shall get back to you shortly. We would like to have your performance in English. In the mean time please inform whether you are interested to perform both at Varanasi and Delhi or only at one of the places. Can you please send any article in English for publication. If so, it should be sent to us by July 2012.




 Dear B.M.D.Agrawal,

We are very glad for Your invitation. We will go at Varanasi and Delhi too, and we play in English. Now we go to the 8th International Ordu Children and Youth Theatre Festival, at 04-10. 06. 2012. I'll  send for You any new publication from our play in July 2012.


Thank You for all,




Our troupe in the Wekerle newspaper