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About Us 

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About Us


The Kókler Theatre Troupe is a Hungarian language theatre group founded by Zoltán Tibor Papp  at the Hungária Elementary School and Boarding School of Budapest in April, 1986. Since then the troupe has achieved great successes and has a growing fame.


Our mission is to offer a real theatre experience and entertain not only in Hungarian language. It is also our foremost goal to promote the learning foreign languages among primary and secondary schoolstudents. And of course, it is also part of our mission to deliver novel,exciting and engaging performances to attract more and more young people back to the theatre.


The Kókler Theatre Troupe functions as a community theatre group, which means that our shows/programmes and performances are in the service of the Drama and Media Network in Foster Homes and, in broad terms of the whole country.


We also collaborate with the Apor Vilmos Catholic University College, especially with the Department of Drama in Education. In the framework of this collaboration we offer theatre programs to Foster Homes  at primary and secondary school level all over Hungary and Worldwide.


In 1992 and 1994, at the first and the second International School Theatre Festival in St. Pölten, we performed with such a success that we were invited to come again.


We was in a special tv show for teachers in 1997. This was a presentation of a new hungarian teaching method in Hungarian Television.


In 2006 we were granted the ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) Quality Award.


In 2009 we performed at the 50 years anniversary of our school with great success.


In 2010 we provided for the program on the Teachers' Day at the Budapest City Hall with full success.


In 2011 we adapted The Little Man's Tragedy by Frigyes Karinthy, to a multimedia music play.


In 2012 we made a pantomime with the title Lifeshow on the Water, also with multimedia.


In 2013. we got invitation in India from NIPA, but we can not to travel to there, because we had not enough money.

After then we went to Romania and Sweden in this year.

In 2015 Zoltán Tibor Papp got an high granted award from hungarian minister for his works with his media and drama troupe.


In 2017 was our klik more than 6 million in the our video sharing portal.


Links (1. and 2. International School Theatre Festival in St. Pölten) (Hungária Elementary School and Boarding School of Budapest) (Network of Drama and Media in Local Schools)