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  If Krisztaxi is a cab then!

Let him elect us and will not be disappointed.

With fair prices, 4-8 personal, we wait for our guests with cars equipped with climate!

For firms discount, elastic salary conditions. He may pay by a transfer at us.

Our phone number night- in daytime can be called in.

We always the fair and preferential tariff system we considered it important one and we deliver our passengers with the most favourable fare compared to the opportunities.

We not it ourselves, but we strive for your joy!

Big tourism is at our city's disposal. We would like everybody in the light of this the fast, to serve one's time the high-standard!

We are in a contractual contact with more known hotels and a hospitable unit beside the population's service, with the local media, with bigger firms.

Let you elect us, let him turn to us with confidence!

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