Our club came into being in February, 1999. For a leisure pastime society we work as the VOKE - the Railway Community Centre's club in Pécs. First of all, we deal with modelling Hungarian railways, mainly the Hungarian Narrow-gauge railways. But we aren' t indifferent to foreign railways either. The members are railway fans, and modellers at the same time. They don't work alone at home but in a real community, with the similarly thinking people. In our created and maintained model workshop, we build many layouts, dioramas and vehicle-models together. We organize Collective journays to our favourite railways. Last but not least we are friends, so we can organize many programes together, like parties, etc. We do modelling besides our profession and our familylife in our free time. We make exhibitions regulary to people who intrested, where we show our finished layouts and models. Our modelling friends often invite us to their exhibitions, and we accept their invitation, if we have time for it. Our club is open, we recive all people who are intrested in modelling with pleasure or if you need some professional help. We organize our meeting 42. Mártírok útja Street, Pécs in the basement room, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday. If you are intrested is modelling, we recive you with pleasure on our exhibitions or on club meetings.
I wish you have a good time, the club's leader: Lukács Ernő
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