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Why some people are turned on by urine isn't something that's fully understood. Experts can't even say if this fetish is more common among men because, as Donaghue puts it, we live in a culture "where women aren't empowered to ask for what they want sexually." All we know for sure is that nothing about our fascination with pee is new. They used urine for everything in Ancient Rome, from invisible ink for secret messages the alleged origin of the expression "read between the lines" to teeth whitener. Piss was so valuable back then that those who sold it had to pay a specific tax. Pee has also been an essential part of the arts. Taschen's tome Erotica Universalis has pictures of paintings, mosaics, and wood carvings of pee-related sex acts that go all the way back to 100 AD. In literature, you find stories of erotic pee going way back as well.
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